Coastal Clouds E-Liquid - Lemon Meringue (Pie)

Brand: Confections by Coastal Clouds E Liquid

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Product Description

A pull of this e liquid will have you feeling as if you just helped yourself to an entire pie without sharing. We do not blame you because it is delicious! Lemon Meringue (Pie) is the e liquid flavor that is making many people ditch dessert menus and prevent them from going to the bakery. Sorry pastry shops, but Lemon Meringue has it covered from here. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can almost see yourself opening up an oven so that you can take out the freshly baked pie to let it cool off. When you go for the first bite, you can taste the delicious creamy pie smoothly traveling around your mouth, so that you can taste all of the rich flavors that it has to offer. As you keep savoring, the flavors begin to travel deeper down your throat. It may not be weird if you feel like swallowing because the taste is so bold that you may believe you are actually eating some pie. The custard is creamy and the lemon is giving you a ton of citrusy goodness to go around. The lemons even taste fresh from the tree they were grown from. Exhaling can be entertaining, for those of us who are cloud chasers, because the clouds get so big that it becomes relaxing to look at. Not only are they relaxing, but they are also surrounding you with a wonderful scent that is going to tell you to go for a couple more hits of this e liquid. Your cloudy friends are just trying to tell you to have a good time and enjoy this amazing dessert. As the clouds begin to disappear, you go for the second pull and it is better than the last. The clouds know what they are talking about. Waiter, may we get the check because we do not want to look at the desserts you have to offer.

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