Mango Berries - Confections by Coastal Clouds E Liquid

Brand: Confections by Coastal Clouds E Liquid

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Product Description

Mango Berries - Confections by Coastal Clouds E Liquid

Who doesn't love a good popsicle? They aren't the most portable snacks available though, you certainly can't bring it along on your daily commute and expect to have anything other than a puddle full of delicious juice left over. Confections byCoastall Clouds E Liquid has resolved this issue with their mastermind juice production team who have completely captured the taste and feeling of eating a freezing cold, vibrant popsicle. Mango Berries puts bright red, juicy, perfectly ripened strawberries along with exotic, succulent mango and sour kiwi into a blender, pours it into containers and shoves it into the freezer for a few hours. With multidimensional, realistic tasting fruit flavors, this juice is better than any other traditional popsicles you have ever had before. Like an updated, more mature, gourmet version of the well loved treat, this blend will give you a sensation that keeps your taste buds interested for a very long time. A great option for a new every day vape that will have you smiling from ear to ear. There's a little bit of youthful cheer that comes about when you taste a flavor that brings you back to the cheerful days when your only concern was how you were going to get the stickiness off of your hands. So go for a stroll out on the boardwalk with your mod in hand and Mango Berries in your tank. Let the breeze off of the water cool you down and watch the color of the sky change as the sun falls down. This blend is great companion for days spent having fun and enjoying everything that's around you. Natural flavors really are best and this juice is absolutely bursting at the seams with them.

Primary Flavors: Kiwi, Popsicle, Strawberry

PG/VG: 30/70