Mindset - Mastery Vape

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Mindset - Mastery Vape

We've all heard people harp the idea that attitude is everything and fact of the matter is, it's the truth. With the right mindset we can be capable of anything that we put our minds to and this juice is a great way to help turn your attitude around and find positivity thanks to its fresh, clean and delicious flavor. When you take a nice, big inhale of this blend, you will quickly notice all of the different components that come together to make it just as delicious as it is. Whenever you vape it, it's hard to deny the amount of detail and complexity that was put into its development to make it as effective and fulfilling as you could ever hope for. Mastery Vape has built up an amazing reputation for themselves as releasing fully realized, polished flavors that always retain that high level of quality that's put them on the map! The flavor Mindset brings together crisp pears, bold strawberries, sticky, sweet honey and a splash of zesty lime to make this balanced and gourmet tasting blend. The next time you're looking for an effective and delicious blend that can always bring about a sense of revival, this will be a fantastic option.

Primary Flavors: Pear, Strawberry, Honey, Lime

PG/VG: 30/70