Nightlife - Main Street E Liquids

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Nightlife - Main Street E Liquids

Do you love going out, having a laugh and socializing? This blend is going to be the perfect one to pick up as soon as you get off work on Friday, just before heading home and getting ready for a night out. Its flavor is so fun and playful that it can snap you out of work mode and into a party ready mood where you can lay back, get hyped up for a good time and leave your worries behind. The flavor alone is enough to get your mind off of whatever may be weighing you down and completely concentrated on the beautiful flavors that you're vaping. It's a simply delightful option that will pop up into your tank time and time again for its irresistible and memorable combination of flavors that you really don't see represented often. Switch things up, add a little bit of adventure into your routine and find your excitement for vaping in general renewed. Nightlife by Main Street E Liquids starts off with a smooth, rich ice cream and then adds in some of the most succulent, bold mango fruits that taste as though they were just harvested for an exotic flair.

Primary Flavors: Ice Cream, Mango

PG/VG: 30/70