Peach Blue Razz - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid

Brand: Cloud Nurdz E Liquid

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Peach Blue Razz - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid 

This mischevious duo is going to take your taste buds on a wild ride! Have you ever gotten in a car with one of your friends and seen just how horrific that they are at driving that you wish you would have just stayed at home? You know, they're a little too fast, seem to spin around corners on two side wheels and when they slam on the breaks your whole body jerks forwards? When you get out of that automobile you just want to get down on your knees and kiss the ground! It's a relief like nothing else, that is, until you were able to try this blend. This juice has really got a great flavor about it that is a breath of fresh air amongst all of these fruit flavored blends that are overly sweet, fake tasting and give you that dreaded vapers tongue that puts a damper on the whole experience. When you go to reach for this blend you are going to have this rush of revival flow over you, just like if you were able to accomplish some huge goal that you have been tirelessly working towards for months. Cloud Nurdz E Liquid makes great candy flavored juices that are going to stop you in your tracks with their bold, well thought out flavors that hit the mark with every inhale that you take. They make exactly the kind of blend that you are going to want to have around for when you need something that can keep your interest up for even the longest periods of time. Peach Blue Razz combines gentle, succulent, juicy sweet peaches with some super loud and sour blue raspberry that keeps your taste buds at full attention.

Primary Flavors: Peach, Blue Raspberry