Bad Drip E-Liquid - Pennywise Iced Out - 60ml

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Product Description

'Penny wise pound foolish', is what my grandma used to say when I’d rather keep my five, one dollar notes, than exchange them with her one, ten dollar note. I never quite understood the meaning of the term until I stumbled upon Pennywise Iced Outtt this morning. You know the drill, to write about it, one has gotta taste it first. Believe me when I tell you, penny wise pound foolish is what you will be if you don’t stock up on packs of this e juice now that the price is still affordable. I'm not trying to be a naysayer but you do know the laws of demand and supply... okay maybe you don’t. Let’s talk flavors instead. Pennywise Iced Outtt takes “stomped strawberry clown snouts” and twists it with “pulverized watermelon gut”. I can’t make this stuff up. When the makers at Bad Drip E Liquid first told me about it, of course, I snorted, because where on earth are you going to find a strawberry clowns snout, and how can anyone make a watermelon's twisted gut taste so good. Despite my disbelief, I did take a puff and as you can tell I was pleasantly surprised. Your favorite red fruits clash in a friendly fight for this mixture. Saccharine strawberry is diluted with the juicy zest of watermelon and doused heavily with ice. Words really aren’t enough to describe the sensation I felt upon my first puff. I’ll tell you this tho, I picked up my pen to write my description and I can barely stop now. It’s not totally surprising, good juices have a way of stirring up your creative juice. Pennywise Iced Out is a juice that is worth it and it barely costs a thing. If you’re a vaper who knows your stuff, you'd know to get bottles of this delectable juice before there isn’t any left.

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