The Ripe Collection On Ice E-Liquid - Straw Nanners On Ice - 100ml

Brand: The Ripe Collection On Ice E Liquid

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Product Description

A cool ocean breeze is the only thing missing to fully immerse you in a tropical experience after taking one pull from The Ripe on Ice Collection’s Straw Nanners on Ice E Liquid. If you’re a banana lover, but can’t endure the powerful aura of such a strong flavor presence on a daily basis, you’ll be happy to try this satisfying strawberry addition to your beloved bananas. A little sour and a whole lot of sweet wrap you in a fruity wonderland as natural as they come. Probably two of the first, and certainly two of the most popular fruit flavors to ever be combined, The Ripe on Ice Collection knows what the people want and heed to their desires. A classic combo with a twist of ingenuity to create the perfect balance and presence of both banana and strawberry. Once you inhale this delightful mist you’ll realize these flavors aren’t competing for precedence, like some companies mistakenly create. Instead, they are working in unison, as intended by God and the brilliant flavor masters at The Ripe on Ice Collection. As for that pasty residue sometimes remaining after any banana flavor, it is but a memory in this case. The smooth menthol equips your mouth and throat with a generous amount of cooling ice to keep any bitterness left by either fruit flavor at bay. Does your daiquiri taste better with a banana? Does your banana pudding seem to taste better when a few strawberries thrown in? If so, you have to try this sensational spin on a classic fruit combination. The Ripe on Ice Collection’s Straw Nanners E Liquid will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about strawberries and bananas, and what you thought they could be. Add a little ice to your favorite fruits and you’ve got a vaping experience, seemingly, handed down from heaven and poured into your favorite device.Mixed and manufactured by The Ripe Collection E Liquid.

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