I Love Salts E-Liquid - Sweet Strawberry (Strawberry Candy)

Brand: I Love Salts E Liquid

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Product Description

The sun is shining, the snow is melted and the birds are singing. It's a beautiful spring day that is full of new beginnings and the promises of a bright, happy future. This juice embodies that fresh, renewed, carefree feeling of this wonderful season in its sweet, vibrant flavor that seems to part the clouds and make things feel happier. Vape juices can really have a huge impact on your everyday life by changing your mood which in turn makes life so much more positive and when you feel good, those around you feel good too! That's a wonderful thing that is so valuable and unique to vaping. I Love Salts E Liquid makes all of their juices with salt nicotine for a more impactful inhale, no only do their blends taste good but they are creative and fun as well. Inspiring as well as high quality, you are going to without a doubt falls deeply in love with everything that this line puts out. Sweet Strawberry (Strawberry Candy) captures the bold, vibrant flavor that you get from ripe, natural strawberries and infuses it into a sticky, sweet gummy candy base. You are going to recognize its flavor right away and have those nostalgic feelings that make your heart skip a beat. This is the exact same candy taste that you would spend all of your allowance and any other coins that you could find stashed in your couch on. You'd run down to the candy store and get a bag filled to the brim with treats just like these and have them all gone within minutes even if you planned on trying to space them out so they would last until next week! You can trust the quality and consistency of the product as you have come to know and love the Mad Hatter E Juice brand of vape juice.

I Love Salts E-Liquid - Sweet Strawberry (Strawberry Candy) Details: 

  • Bottle Size: 30ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 25mg & 50mg
  • Flavors: Strawberry & Candy
  • PG/VG:50/50
  • Made with Premium Salt Nicotine

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**