Coastal Clouds E-Liquid - Tobacco (Cuban) - 60ml

Brand: Coastal Clouds E Liquid

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Product Description

If you feel as though you deserve some serious pampering, nothing will hit the spot quite like this high-class juice that embodies a rich flavor that our minds will instantly connect with luxury. This blend is going to give you that amazing flavor that was so difficult to be able to track down at one point that people would have to go on international vacations just to be able to source it. The way that this juice has been able to garner the very essence and soul of that flavor and then bring it to you in such an easy to enjoy, unforgettable kind of way will have you consistently coming back to it, excited to be able to say that you can call it all your own. You really are getting the absolute best of both worlds here now that you can just simply take that flavor that you lust after and experience it without any of the downsides that usually have you feeling just a tad guilty. Celebrate your life and vape juices that put you in a better mood than usual, if you love to make the most of every moment, the complexity that this blend offers will really give you something that you can savor and become entranced in. Coastal Clouds E Liquid creates blends that range from those good old, classic standbys that you depend on to way out, wacky blends that are going to shake things up a bit offer up something completely different than ever before. Tobacco (Cuban) is that deep, rich, nuanced Cuban cigar style flavor that will be a workhorse within your collection that you find yourself putting to use quite regularly. The texture and taste of this option is something that you will be completely impressed with.

Coastal Clouds E-Liquid - Tobacco (Cuban) Details: 

  • Bottle Size: 60ml 
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, & 6mg 
  • Primary Flavors: Cigar
  • VG/PG: 70/30