Unicorn Tears - Sad Boy E Liquid

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Unicorn Tears - Sad Boy E Liquid 


Feeling a little melancholy? Cheer yourself up by indulging in this e liquid that will have you taking several more pulls after the first one. Sad Boy E Liquid is introducing us to an amazing blend of fruity and savory, so you better be ready to ditch your old e liquids and start only paying attention to this one. Letting this blend introduce itself to your palate will be an incredible decision because it will give your taste buds the opportunity to have a little fun. Who does not enjoy some entertainment? The fruity flavors are going to be potent as they scatter around all of the sweet hints they have to offer. However, a couple of your favorite fruits also have a tart kick to them. Since there are so many different sensations going on, it may be a difficult task to determine which fruits are actually incorporated in this combination. In the end, you might start believing it does not really matter because it is still giving you what you need. It is hitting the spot and there might not be anything else like it. The e liquids gently begin to travel down deeper inside of you, and you cannot help but brace yourself for the throat hit that this vape juice has to offer. It is not going to be an intense one, but it will certainly be one that is noticeable as it lets the notes of this blend get even more potent. It might even feel as if you are helping yourself to a refreshing beverage with a unique mixture of fruits that make your mouth water. As you exhale, you can admire the many clouds starting to make their way out. An elegant exit is the only things your well-behaved cloudy friends know what to do. They only get bigger and bigger the more you breathe out. It may even be shocking because you do not usually take big pulls, but trust us that you are not to blame. Your cloudy friends are very obnoxious, yet you get the chance to enjoy their wonderful aromas that convince you to go on another vape trip right away.

Primary Flavors: Fruit 
PG/VG: 20/80