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Ripe Vapes, the Ripe Collection is a top brand among top brands, and Ripe Vapes flavors are the fine wine of the vaping world, consistently earning awards and prestige at major vaping events around the world. While some brands embrace hyped-up fads, Ripe Vapes e-liquid is created for the long term, aiming to win the hearts of vapers as dedicated to enjoying the art of vaping as they are.

Don't let Ripe Vapes' prestige fool you, though: They know how to have fun with their flavors, too! Check out sweet delights like Salt Water Taffy, classic Berries and Cream, or even Watermelon Granita. Ripe Vapes flavors are out to prove that success is sweet, and it's all yours to savor when you shop with Breazy.

Ripe Vapes e-liquid isn't just for sweets and sugar-lovers, though. Flavors like VCT Private Reserve up the ante with a sophisticated blend of tobacco and vanilla; Private Reserve is even barrel-aged in French oak, just like a fine wine. Flavors like these give vapers all of the mouth-watering sweetness of traditional vape juice flavors with the complex tobacco notes they crave. Other Ripe Vapes flavors that may appeal particularly to former smokers include the rest of the VCT line, featuring flavors like coconut and chocolate, as well as clove.

Ripe Vapes e-liquid never lacks imagination. If classic sweets and VCT flavors don't suit your tastes, try something creatively alluring like Summer Vibes. Buy Pear Almond for a cool, delicate vaping experience a step beyond the ordinary, or get a little wild with Monkey Snack. Ripe Vapes handles variety well, and they keep their massive following satisfied with blends unlike any other.

With Breazy, you can buy more of these award-winning flavors, thanks to our incredible deals: We work hard to make sure that we have the lowest prices around! We also carry more than a thousand other e-juice brands as well as all of the latest hardware. We've got everything you need for the ultimate vaping experience, and when you buy Ripe Vapes flavors here, you can even qualify for free shipping! Place your order today and take your vaping to the next level.


Ripe Vapes E Liquid FAQ
What Flavor Options Does Ripe Vapes Provide?
Ripe Vapes is one of the most innovative e-liquid designers in the game. They offer a range of sweet, fruity, and tobacco flavored mixtures that are sure to please even the most experienced vapers. With varieties like Berries and Cream, and Saltwater Taffy available, your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied with every pull. Meanwhile, Ripe’s refreshing fruit blends, such as their Watermelon Granita and Pear Almond flavors, are sure to help you beat the heat on a blazing summer day.
The blends mentioned above are top-shelf, no doubt, but Ripe Vapes’ selection of tobacco infused liquids are truly unique and their best sellers. For example, their VCT line features robust tobacco flavors that have been infused with pleasing notes of coconut, chocolate, clove, and vanilla. To top it all off, their VCT Private Reserve is barrel-aged, creating a robust and satisfying flavor that you'll always want to keep on deck.
Luckily, none of these e-liquid flavors have been impacted by the new US vaping ban.
Has Ripe Vapes Won Any Awards?
Yes, Ripe Vapes' incredible flavoring design has not gone unnoticed. National US communities, as well as international institutions, have recognized Ripe for their incredible e-liquid selection, and unique manufacturing practices. Ripe Vapes has won the following acclamations: 'Best in Show Overall at Vape Summit One in Las Vegas, Best Tobacco Product at Vape Summit Two in Houston, Best Tobacco E-Liquid at Vape Jam UK 2016, 2014 Spinfuel Choice Award for Specialty Vaper,' among many other awards.
While other vape brands may offer tasty flavors, you will be hard-pressed to find another e-liquid distributor backed by this much praise. Please don't delay, load up your cart with Ripe Vapes’ premier e-liquids, and take advantage of our free delivery offer for orders above $50.
What Ingredients Can Be Found in Ripe Vapes' Products?
Ripe Vapes utilizes many flavoring agents to design their incredible liquids. These ingredients are of the highest quality and are carefully sourced by their expert staff. Ripe Vapes also leverages unique techniques and aging procedures to create the perfect flavor profiles.
As usual, these e-juices rely on a mixture of VG/PG to carry their flavoring ingredients, and high-grade nicotine extracts. Ripe's salt nic blends feature a 50/50 VG/PG ratio that provides a smooth, lightweight vapor to the lungs. For their standard e-liquids, Ripe Vapes often utilizes Hi-VG ratios. These Hi-VG blends include 70/30 VG/PG mixes, and 75/25 VG/PG formulas.

What Are the Best Devices to Match With Ripe Vapes' E-liquids?
While personal preference plays a role in the selection of your ideal vaping device, there are a few general recommendations that can be applied to the use of Ripe Vapes’ E-liquids. For their nic salt blends, which feature a 50/50 VG/PG mix, a low power device is ideal. These low power vapes can include a large selection of pod mods, including a variety of pod systems.
For Ripe's Hi/Max VG blends, which feature 70% or more VG, pod systems are not recommended. To enjoy these particular e-juices, we suggest that you select an open system wick/coil vaping device. Since a vast majority of nicotine-containing e-liquids leverage 70/30 blends, investing in a drip vape is a great choice. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of regularly re-dripping your e-liquids onto a coil, you may enjoy using a squonking device.
Are Ripe Vape Products Made In the US?
Ripe Vape juices are all made in the US, and their headquarters are located in California. Regardless, this brand has taken the world by storm, receiving attention across the globe. They currently service consumers in Europe, Japan, and the Middle East, among other jurisdictions.
Once you try these premium flavors, it will be easy to see why they have gained so much popularity. Every hit is smooth and provides an incredible flavor profile. These delicious flavors are a top choice among both our staff and our clientele.
What is the Best Nicotine Strength for Beginners?
The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors. If you are transitioning from regular tobacco use, you may want to select a more potent nicotine blend. If you have just taken a few puffs from your friend's device and are looking to get started on your own, it's best to begin with a lower nicotine concentration.
Some users report that salt nicotine blends are a little easier on the lungs, while others prefer the satisfying heft of a robust traditional e-liquid. Your mileage may vary. If you are new to vaping, it's always best to pick up a variety of juice styles, and nicotine strengths. This way, you can determine the ideal nicotine concentrations and VG/PG ratios that suit your personal preferences.

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