Apple Berries On Ice - The Ripe Collection On Ice E Liquid

Brand: The Ripe Collection On Ice E Liquid

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Apple Berries On Ice - The Ripe Collection On Ice E Liquid

Apple Berries On Ice will give you the luxury of chilling at home and perhaps put off the trip to the orchard for another day. This amazing e liquid is part of The Ripe Collection On Ice E Liquid, and it fits the theme of being delicious and unique. Once you take a hit, fall in love with the flavor of the juicy apples simply scattering all over the place. The apple notes will not be overwhelming, but they will certainly make themselves known. The mixed berries get tastier by the second as they make your taste buds tingle like crazy. There are several berries in this combination, but it is best to enjoy the taste and not think too hard about it. So far, the fruits offer this rich fruity mixture, but the menthol will grow creamy and icy. It travels around giving off the refreshing vibe that compares to no other blend in the vaping market. Focus on the trip and have fun with the throat hit that makes everything a bit intense. With the PG/VG level of 30/70, there is no doubt you will get a throat hit, but not one that will give you discomfort. It is a hit that allows the flavor to pop some more so that it convinces everyone that this is the e liquid to experience at least once. When you exhale, appreciate the several clouds that make their way out of your mouth. The clouds go all over the place and become obnoxious, almost blocking your vision. However, they will be lovely to look at and even better to smell. The scent is incredible and lingers for a bit before it completely goes away. If you purchase the 100ml chubby gorilla bottle, it will take a while for you to even realize a dent. This vape juice will be savory and you should always make sure to have room for those cloudy buddies that appear when you exhale. 

Primary Flavors: Apple, Mixed Berry, Menthol

PG/VG: 30/70