Bubblegum (Bubble) - IVG Salts E Liquid

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Bubblegum (Bubble) - IVG Salts E Liquid 

“May I get a piece of gum?” This is the iconic question that many of us were asked when we had a new fresh pack in our pockets while in school. However, we all know that the question was never asked so politely. Usually, you are willing to give someone a piece if you do have an extra one, but when it comes to this salt e liquid, you are not going to be willing to give anyone a little tug. Sharing is caring, but when it comes to this salt e liquid, all bets are off. Bubblegum by IVG Salts E Liquid is the name of the salt e liquid that is going to having you feeling speechless after you take the first hit. This is going to be the blend that is going to make you feel as if you are chewing on several pieces of bubble gum because it is so sweet and savory. The flavors practically melt in your mouth and also scatter around so that you can really appreciate the salt e liquid. You might even start chomping away because the chewiness is making you feel as if you actually popped a piece of gum into your mouth. Also, that throat hit that you received enhances the flavors and makes them way more potent. Just like every piece of gum, you have to let it out and start on a new one. When you exhale, you are going to taste a few of the last notes that this blend has to offer. The clouds are going to start making their way out, but they are not going to be so big. On the other hand, just because they are small does not mean they are not going to have the divine smell that surrounds you as they gently begin to disappear. This is a majestic vape trip that should be experienced several times.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Candy