Chocolate Puddin' - Country Clouds E Liquid

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Chocolate Puddin' - Country Clouds E Liquid

Rich, creamy and smooth, this blend is everything that you could have ever dreamed of if you are a dessert blend fanatic. We all have a soft spot for those little pudding cups that we would always have packed into our lunch bag, so sweet, chocolatey and scrumptious, if you were hungry enough, you could probably eat an entire package full of them all at once. Country Clouds E Liquid knows just how to hit you right in that soft spot in you heart with their comfort food inspired blends that make your eyes light up with joy just by thinking about all of the fond memories that are connected with them. Chocolate Puddin' takes that taste that most of us already know and love and bumps it up a few notches with its more complex, gourmet style take on it. The chocolate has that intense depth that you would find in a bar of swiss chocolate from an expensive store and a creaminess that is unbeatable. The texture and feeling of this vapor is like nothing that you have ever had before, it is smoother than silk and is so relaxing on its own that you will feel like you have just gotten back from a day at the spa. Decadence like this doesn't come easy, it takes a really huge amount of kill to make something that tastes this realistic and full of dimension, Country Clouds E Liquid has been able to do that seamlessly with their dedication to making the most pleasurable blends possible that will have you in awe at the art form that is vape juice production. It's snack time, you know just what juice to reach for. It's obviously going to be Chocolate Puddin'!

Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Pudding