Churronimo - FJ's E Liquid

Brand: FJ's E Liquid

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Product Description

Churronimo - FJ's E Liquid

Look, we completely get it if you need to take a moment to catch your breath after hearing about the flavor profile packed inside of this revolutionary blend. No one can deny how scrumptious that sweets are, it's a known fact that sweet cravings are the most difficult to be able to avoid and get rid of without having to give in and fill yourself with unhealthy foods. To stay on top of your game you're going to want to feel just as healthy and fit as can be and unfortunately, the foods that taste the best are usually the worst for you in the long run. Most of us try to hold off on the junk food unless it's a special occasion but the fact of the matter is, every day can be a special occasion if you want to make it one. Celebrate life and live it to the fullest with this option that is going to allow you to indulge without having to even consider the consequences. Just sit back, relax and take an inhale off of your mod, this blends taste is going to have you smiling from ear to ear and wanting to have a little party. FJ's E Liquid is a brand that makes some of the most creative and fun blends that you are ever going to come across with their innovative ideas that come through in the most delectable ways possible. They keep things light and free-spirited but are very serious when it comes to the quality of the products that they release out there. Churronimo takes two freshly fried, still warm churros and puts just the right amount of creamy, rich vanilla ice cream in between them.

Primary Flavors: Churro, Vanilla, Ice Cream