Coastal Clouds E-Liquid - Iced Passion Fruit Orange Guava - Sweets - 60ml

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Product Description

The last thing you want to indulge in is in a cocktail that is warm to the touch. Unlike the person who served you that mediocre drink, this e liquid will have the refreshing sensation that you always deserve. Iced Passion Fruit Orange Guava has been added to the collection that many people who vape have in their homes. Of course, those same people are also saying thank you to Sweets By Coastal Clouds E Liquid for allowing them to experience such a unique and savory sensation all the time. With a very long roster, this brand has been making people happy for a long time. When you take a hit of this e liquid, it will not take long for anyone to realize why this blend is giving him or her an icy touch. The menthol flavor will be sweet and creamy as it makes its way into your mouth. Gently, it melts on top of your taste buds so that they can appreciate everything that it has to offer. Eventually, the fruity notes start to get potent and you grow excited. The passion fruit will give you this refreshing vibe that the menthol was missing, but you are not upset because you now taste it. The citrusy orange suddenly makes an appearance and you can almost feel some pulp in your mouth. Even if you are not a fan of pulp, it always gave you this sense of reassurance that the orange juice or beverage you were drinking is actually fresh. Last, but not least, the guava finally makes it into your mouth and you love the velvety feel it gives you. There is nothing like an exotic fruit to make an entire vape trip taste like something out of a fairy tale. Take your time breathing out this blend and enjoy the beautiful clouds as they surround you. 

Coastal Clouds E-Liquid - Iced Passion Fruit Orange Guava - Sweets Details:

  • Bottle Size: 60ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, & 6mg
  • Flavors: Passion Fruit, OrangeGuava, Menthol
  • PG/VG: 30/70