Passion Fruit Orange Guava - Sweets By Coastal Clouds E Liquid

Brand: Coastal Clouds E Liquid

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Product Description

Passion Fruit Orange Guava - Sweets By Coastal Clouds E Liquid

Nothing says tropical getaway like a wonderful e liquid that has the fruity flavors that hit the spot. Sweets By Coastal Clouds E Liquid is known for creating some of the tastiest blends out there, which explains why they have such a long list of different flavors and lines. The people want more and now this brand and letting us have it. Passion Fruit Orange Guava has all types of different sensation such as creamy, sweet, and citrusy. When you take a pull of this blend, recognize the freshness that each and every fruit has to offer. First, the passion fruit will give you a refreshing vibe that make your taste buds tingle. Next, a blast of several citrusy oranges will leave you mesmerized. Lastly, the exotic guava will make an appearance and offer its creamy content so that the e liquid can have a simpler time traveling around your palate. You love a good passion fruit beverage, but this e liquid might know how to allow you to savor the fruit in a better way. There will be a minor throat hit that still has the ability to enhance the fruity flavors some more. You may find exhaling a beautiful experience because of how big your cloudy friends get. They will be entertaining to look at as they surround you and allow you to smell their incredible fragrance. The next thing to do will obviously be to take another hit right away, but give it some time in between hits so that you can truly appreciate the trip at its fullest potential. Trust that you will always have a great time with this blend as it gives you the intensity and the cloud production that really makes this vape juice stand out from the rest of the blends in the collection it is in. It will be flavorful to indulge in and entertaining to see as your fluffy buddies begin to make float around and convince to continue on taking big pulls.

Primary Flavors: Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava

PG/VG: 30/70