Rainbow Blood - Sad Boy Bloodline E Liquid

Brand: Sad Boy Bloodline E Liquid

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Rainbow Blood - Sad Boy Bloodline E Liquid


There is nothing better than a refreshing e liquid that satisfies every single taste bud in the palate and offers something a little different with every pull. Well, leave it to Sad boy Bloodline E Liquid to introduce us to a blend that is fruity and savory all at the same time. Rainbow Blood is a succulent blend made from high-quality ingredients, which is why it can please the palate almost instantly when one takes a hit. Thankfully, it is available in a compact 60ml bottle that holds a good amount of product for us to indulge in before it is time to pick up another one. Due to the bottle's portable build, feel free to bring it along with you whenever you think your tank or pod will need some replenishing. Choose from one of three nicotine strengths, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and puffing away with the intensity that truly makes any vape trip standout. Take a hit and fall in love with the fruity sensation that quickly enters the mouth and scatters its sweet notes all over the place. It will feel like taking a sip of a refreshing cocktail made by a professional using the ripest fruits. Sad Boy Bloodline E Liquid is definitely the collection providing us with an experience that may put our smile on our faces. 

Primary Flavors: Fruit

PG/VG: 30/70