Rainbow Ice - Sad Boy Bloodline E Liquid

Brand: Sad Boy Bloodline E Liquid

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Rainbow Ice - Sad Boy Bloodline E Liquid


Rainbow Ice is the best vape juice to pick up if one is ever craving a pull that will have a fruity tropical vibe with an excellent refreshing kick. Since it is brought to us by Sad Boy Bloodline E Liquid, it comes as no surprise that this particular blend is made from several high-quality ingredients. Rainbow Ice is packed in a compact and durable 60ml bottle that can easily be travel with due to its portable build. Sometimes our tanks and pods do not do the best job at notifying us when it is coming close to the last few drops, so it is best to carry around this e liquid if necessary. There will be three different nicotine strengths everyone will have the option to choose from, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and each one offers something different to please the palates of many. Take a generous draw and enjoy the fruity cocktail that does not waste any time in making its way in and meeting your taste buds. The menthol will eventually grow potent and introduce itself to the palate and add an icy sensation to the entire trip. This one of a kind blend will have many of us salivating from inhale to exhale. 

Primary Flavors: Fruit, Menthol

PG/VG: 30/70