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Can you feel your mouth begin to water yet? No? Well, wait a few moments and as soon as you hear about the spectacular flavor that's held within this scrumptious blend you are going to be completely and totally smitten. There is such a delectable taste that this blend offers up that is going to have you wondering just how they were able to come up with something that interesting. This versatile option is able to really give you something that can be enjoyed in the long run and give you so much satisfaction that you just can't seem to ever be able to get enough of. You know how there are some flavors that it doesn't matter how much you enjoy it, you just can't grow tired? This is definitely one of those super versatile, enjoyable kinds of juices that you can continuously vape in the long run and always be excited to pop it into your tank. It's impossible to be able to put it down and switch over to something else with the way that it can stay relevant and complex. Vapors Anonymous E Liquid is a really exciting line that's coming out with some of the wildest and inventive flavors out there. The skill that they hold ensures that all of their different options are balanced, authentic and absolutely scrumptious. The Sponsor masterfully combines a realistic, fresh, incredibly juicy strawberry flavor with a chewy, soft candy base that's going to remind you of some of the most popular candy flavors that are out there. Satisfy your sweet tooth on the go with this sensational selection.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy