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If you've been cruising for a juice that will be able to fulfill your cravings to the absolute fullest, this wild blend is going to offer you that range of individual flavors and in turn, a complexity that can keep your palate interested for a very long period of time. Have you ever played that game with your friends where you have them list the three things that they would take with them if they were stuck on a secluded island? The next time that you're asked to narrow down your most prized possessions, we think that this blend has a very good chance at making your short list at the very least. When you try it, it's going to be one of those 'aha!' moments where your mindset is changed and you redefine what you start to expect from other blends. That's a really good thing though, you deserve nothing but the best and that's exactly what you will be getting from this standout option that most definitely has that 'it' factor that gives it legendary status. There is no backing out of a flavor like this and as soon as you can bring it into the mix, you are going to be so happy that you have made the investment. Vapors Anonymous E Liquid is one of those brands that isn't afraid to go out on a limb and try something that's completely different. They make some of the most scrumptious blends that you can never, ever grow sick of and they do it with a passion that is something truly special. Vapeaholic is a blend that brings together citrus packed oranges, fresh, bold strawberries, juicy, refreshing watermelon and sweet, tropical coconut along with just a hint of cream that helps to back up those delicious fruit flavors.

Primary Flavors: Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon, Coconut, Cream