Tobacco - Dream MTL E Liquid

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Tobacco - Dream MTL E Liquid

A good tobacco blend will take you far and this selection is a true stand out with its flawless quality and spot-on flavor. If you're someone who has turned to vaping as an alternative to smoking, you will know all about the importance of having some really sturdy tobacco flavored juices around for when those cravings startup. This juice is going to be one that is loved by many for its way of taking a rich, earthy flavor and giving it so much life. Embodying luxury at its finest, you don't need to save up for months, get all dressed up and make reservations to be able to enjoy this fine flavor. You can roll out of bed, messy hair, pjs and all and get your fill of this flavor without having to worry, which is a really great thing. From the moment that you vape this it is going to be a juice that stays in your mind and makes it so that you can find satisfaction and get rid of your cravings without any lingering feelings of guilt. Dream MTL E Liquid makes freebase nicotine juices in a variety of staple flavors that will have an option for just about anyone out there. Tobacco is that classic, old school tobacco flavor that we can all recognize from its very scent alone. It's got nuance, depth and detail that will lead to vaping experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Primary Flavors: Tobacco