Apple Tobacco - Pachamama Salts E Liquid

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Apple Tobacco - Pachamama Salts E Liquid


Sometimes it is great helping yourself to a juicy salt e liquid that has a little bit more to offer than just something sweet. Apple Tobacco is the name of the salt e liquid that is going to be something out of the ordinary. Soon you will learn what it feels like to enjoy a vape juice that is going to combine two different famously known tastes into one. Taking a hit of this succulent salt e liquid is going to be as smooth as drinking a cocktail with a straw. You will first begin to taste the ripe apples making their way into your mouth, and they are not timid in showing you all of their juicy content. As the apples stroll in, you can almost feel the crunchiness you usually get when you take a nice big bite of one that has been growing from a magical tree. This is a tree that grows a variety of different apples for you to choose from, but the big red juicy apple was the chosen one picked to join this blend. As you keep on inhaling, you are going to enjoy the tobacco flavor that is going to be delicious as it travels around your mouth and tries to catch up with the amazing apple that had a head start in the whole experience. The tobacco is going to give you that sensation that perhaps gives you some nostalgia of the first time you started vaping. Tobacco is a flavor that was popular, but now with all these different flavors coming out, it seems like it is getting harder finding the perfect tobacco salt e liquid. As you savor both of these flavors coming together, you can gently begin to feel the salt e liquid making its way down your throat. Due to the salt based nicotine in this blend, you will receive a throat hit that is going to be intense but allows you to experience a more potent version of what you had in the beginning. This is a vape trip that will have you feeling good and quickly have you asking for mo

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Apple, Tobacco