Uptown - Main Street E Liquids

Brand: Main Street E Liquids

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Product Description

Uptown - Main Street E Liquids

Feeling just a tad posh today? This high-class flavor is bound to put you into a pampered mood as soon as you taste its gourmet candy flavor that will have you taking care of your sweet tooth in style. Candy is one of those things that you can easily find yourself eating fistful upon fistful if you're not careful. It's hard to deny that office candy bowl that's full of tasty treats when you're bored and could use something to help get you through all of that work that you need to handle. Find those habits so much easier to break with this juice around, providing you with a more complex candy flavor that will be just the right stand in that will assist in you trying to avoid the real thing. Main Street E Liquids is a brand that makes a variety of unique and delicious blends that will offer you a high-quality option for every mood that you may find yourself in. Uptown is blue raspberry flavored gummy candy with a sour twist that will have your mouth puckering in delight as you inhale its vibrant flavor that's absolutely bursting with boldness.

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Candy

PG/VG: 30/70