Salt-Based Nicotine: A Guide

Arnie Breazy

11th Apr 2023

Salt-Based Nicotine: A Guide

Nicotine is an essential part of vapor products - if you're a former smoker it's the reason you were drawn to vaping in the first place, after all. A sweeping trend that has increasingly taken over as cigalikes march along in their return to industry dominance is the emergence of salt-based nicotine. Salt-based nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco and offers much more stable compounds than the more common form of nicotine extracted for use in vapor products, freebase nicotine.

The main advantage to using salt-based nicotine is that it delivers a smoother draw, which makes it far more pleasant for a smoker who’s trying to quit by moving over to vapor products. Smoother inhales mean a higher dose of nicotine can be delivered via liquids, leading to ultra-high nicotine content like that found in JUUL devices and delivering cigarette-level doses in cigarette-like puffs instead of the heavy direct-lung inhales most experienced vapers prefer.

Here at Breazy we’re constantly chasing the cutting edge of new technology, which means that of course we're now offering a wide variety of different salt-based brands to appease any vaper's nicotine demands.  

Nicotine Salts Explained

Nicotine found on the leaves of tobacco is more acidic than the end result of a typical nicotine extraction process. Cigarette tobacco has an acidity level of about 5 on the pH scale, while the typical nicotine in e-liquid is more alkaline, somewhere around 8. Acidic nicotine lingers in your lungs longer and it’s less likely to irritate your throat. Therefore, nicotine salts have a naturally smoother taste and they’re less likely to irritate your throat.

'Throat hit' is particularly potent in high-nicotine  conventional liquids like 18 mg/ml or higher. However, liquid makers can craft high-nicotine juice using a salt-base and deliver a palatable result at strengths of 50 ml/mg or higher - nearly ten times as much nicotine as the typical 3 mg used in open system devices!

Intended Form of Use

Salt based nicotine can vary in strengths of potency, where traditionally higher nicotine doses were the norm, brands have started incorporating it into their mixes at levels from 3mg and higher. Please not that salt nicotine e-liquids containing higher than 6mg of strength should never be used in sub ohm vaping settings as the deliver is considerably faster and the dosage is not intended for that amount of vapor production. Salt based nicotine products above 6mg in strength should always be used in pod mod vape systems such as the Suorin Drop or the Joyetech Exceed Edge Pod Mod.

Different Types of Nicotine Salts

We offer a wide selection of individual e-liquids based on salt nicotine that can be used to achieve your purpose of experiencing this type of nicotine. The flavors are always delightful and colorfully innovative, taken from a variety of brands including Mr. Salt-E-Liquid,  I Love Salts E-Liquid, Juice Roll-Upz Salt E Liquid, Naked 100 E-Liquid’s NKD 100 Salt E Liquid, and Savage E-Liquid.

The most popular brand, though, for salt-based nicotine is the NKD 100 Salt E Liquid line, which is available via disposable e-cigarette pens offering all the ease associated with disposable e-cigarettes but with a smoother salt nicotine taste. They come in four distinct flavors, Lava Flow, American Patriot, Polar Freeze, and Really Berry.

You can also get refillable pods of e-liquid in even more flavors, including Brain Freeze and Frost Bite. If you’re looking for a deal and NKD 100 Salt E Liquid is your brand, you might want to try out the bundle of e-liquids which offers five fun flavors for the low price of $59.99.