What Is the Shelf Life of E-liquid and How to Store It


11th Apr 2023

E-liquid is an important component of any vaper’s kit. Super-premium juices can also be quite pricey, so knowing how to get the most shelf life out of your e-liquid can come in handy if you’re on a tight budget.

For starters, properly stored e-liquid can last for up to two years, and even then it’s not certain that there’s any definite expiration date. Despite the long expiration dates, sometimes you store stuff and it gets lost for a period of time, until you eventually find it when you’re cleaning that closet that you barely go into. Is it still good? Should you still vape the liquid?

In this article, I’ll give you a few tips for storing e-liquid so that you can increase the shelf life and value of your precious nicotine that you crave every day.  

    1. Keep in Cool, Dark, and Dry Areas

The first thing to know is that nicotine has a number of elemental enemies that degrade its value: heat, light, and air. For these reasons, it’s crucial to store your e-juices immediately upon getting the e-liquid home in a dark, cool, and dry area.

The recommended place to store your e-liquid is in a box, cupboard, or a drawer. Even after almost two years of storage, the potency of the liquid will not be gone, although it may lose some of the sweet flavor that we all love due to oxidation of the nicotine that can grow harsh over extended periods.

  1. Keep Away From Heat

    If you’re traveling and take e-liquid with you, it’s important to also take the bottle with you and not to leave it in a car that could get dangerously hot.

The reason to keep it away from heat has to do with chemistry. When heated, molecules have more energy, and this could be enough to allow them to interact with other ingredients or to break down into smaller components. This could potentially change the flavor of the e-liquid. The sweeter your juice, the greater danger heat places it in, as sweeteners will crystallize, thickening your liquid and gunking your coils.

    3. Seal Your E-Juice Bottle

As stated before, one of the enemies to e-liquid is air. The best way to keep it fresh is by sealing it in a tinted glass bottle, although many companies that sell e-juice use plastic. If it’s for the short term, a plastic bottle would be fine, but for longer than a couple days, glass bottles are preferred - having a small bottle to carry around also preserves larger quantities of juice that you can keep safely stored, only opening a few times a week to refill your carry bottle.

It’s important to be careful when transferring the liquid from one bottle to another not to let the air slip in and degrade your e-liquid. These simple tips will save you money, and extend the shelf life of your favorite e-juices.

E-liquid is essential to vaping. Here at Breazy we offer a number of different brands and flavors to satisfy any vaper’s needs. Using these tips to keep the e-liquid fresh, I’m sure that you’ll get the most value out of your favorite flavor.