What's The Best E-Juice For Smokers?

Abigail At Breazy

11th Apr 2023

What's The Best E-Juice For Smokers?

So you’re considering kicking your cigarette habit and switching over to vaping. Congratulations, we really hope you find comfort in vaping! After getting that initial device, your next big concern is finding the right e-juice flavor for you.

With most vapers, this is a never-ending process. We like to experiment and try the huge variety of different flavors offered. It’s quite surprising how many options there are, and even how bizarre but surprisingly satisfying the flavor combinations can be. The process, though, can also become overwhelming.

One way to start with vaping is to stick to flavors you’re used to, and if you’re a smoker, that flavor is tobacco.

We must caution, though, that while these examples are great representations of actual tobacco aroma and flavor, they’re probably not what you’re used to thinking of when it comes to cigarettes. When you smoke, you’re not inhaling tobacco flavor, you’re tasting the smoldering ash of burning tobacco, paper wrapper, and literally thousands of chemical additives designed to increase nicotine uptake and otherwise enhance the addictive qualities of smoking. No e-liquid is going to recreate that taste, and while it’s a big hurdle for some new converts to overcome, nearly every vaper comes out the other side enjoying their newfound flavor experiences much more than they ever savored actual smoke.

That said, here are some of our featured tobacco flavors:

caRnY4 - G2 Vapor

This juice is a great treat for tobacco lovers. It’s a sweet-tobacco combined vanilla and caramel. It’s a great reminiscence of your favorite carnival treats, but keeps that tobacco profile alive. If you’re into a sweeter tobacco, this juice is perfect as an all-day vape.

Tobacco Trail - Cuttwood E-Liquid

Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood is a great smooth tobacco flavor. It’s complimented by a sweet honey undertone that’ll keep things warm. This flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a smoother tobacco flavor and don’t mind a sweet undertone here and there.

Viva La Libertad - Kind Juice E-Liquid

Stemming from the beauty of Havana, this Cuban Broadleaf tobacco flavor is the e-juice of sophistication. Crafted with hand harvested tobacco varieties from Cuba, cigar aficionados can rest assured that their search for the perfect juice is over. Taking over 6 months to develop, it’s certainly a top-shelf tobacco juice.

Vented - Alloy Blends Electrum E-Liquid

An earthy and well-balanced tobacco, this juice will surprise you with its complexity. It’s a creamy, masterfully blended tobacco with a hint of vanilla to keep you praising each hit.

Black Flag Risen Enriched - Five Pawns

A perfect morning juice, Five Pawns has crafted a well-off tobacco flavor for you ex-smokers. It combines flavors of Virginia leaf tobacco, truffle cream, walnuts, decaffeinated cappuccino, and a hint of mocha. It delivers a satisfying coffee and tobacco experience to complement those mornings in the woods, barrel aged to perfection.

Now, what if you smoke menthols? Don’t worry! There’s a bunch of options for you, as well!

Chill’d Tobacco - Cosmic Fog

A rich tobacco with a satisfyingly cooling peppermint background, this flavor is perfect for those who enjoy menthol cigarettes. The premium tobacco leaf flavors are only further complimented by hints of deep chocolate on the exhale, leaving a lasting impression only recognizable by Cosmic Fog fans.

Cool Menthol - Old Fashioned Elixir

You may start feeling like John Wayne while vaping this authentic American tobacco flavor while the menthol keeps you refreshed and cool. Created to be the best replication of common menthol cigarettes, this juice is definitely something you should consider if you’re a menthol cig fan.

“Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid” (and not hitting this featured e-liquid).

-John Wayne

So there you have it. Some of the top tobacco flavors you can find on our website. Don’t stop there though! There are plenty of options still left to cover. If none of these satisfy you, just keep looking. We have a section dedicated to <a href=“https://breazy.com/collections/tobacco-1-e-liquid-flavors”>tobacco</a> and <a href=“https://breazy.com/collections/menthol-e-liquid-flavors”>menthol</a> flavors on our site that you can browse through. We hope you’ll end up making the switch from cigs to vape!