Audrey - Bombshell E Liquid

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Audrey - Bombshell E Liquid

We're sure that you know this flavor all too well, it was probably one of those sweets that was the only reason you would go along with your older relatives to family events. If you've ever gone to a baby shower or barbeque, someone has to bring these show stoppers along and for that, we just can't help but be grateful. Now that you're all grown up and know how overly indulging on sweets can be really detrimental to how you feel overall. Now, thanks to this wonderful juice option you are going to be able to taste this delicious and nostalgic flavor just as often as you would like without having to make any compromises. That feeling of freedom is infectious and it will spill over to everyone that you come across during your day and help you to spread those contagious, positive vibes. When a blend is able to hit your taste buds and instantly put you into a better mood, you know that its the real deal. So many times we underestimate the effect that pleasing our senses can have on our outlook and now, you can vape those flavors that make you feel as joyful as can be. Bombshell E Liquid is a brand that focuses their attention on making blends that are packed with sweet, complex dessert flavors that will be just what you need to be able to get rid of that sweet tooth for once and for all. They use nothing but the best of the best ingredients and really fine tune their recipes for the best taste you can get. Audrey will stop you in your tracks with its classic lemon and pastry bar flavor that is set off by a sprinkling of sugar.

Primary Flavors: Pastry, Lemon, Sugar