Elizabeth - Bombshell E Liquid

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Elizabeth - Bombshell E Liquid

Warm, homey and comforting, this juice blend is going to stun with its decadent flavor that has you thinking about that kiosk at the mall that's smell travels throughout the entire establishment and puts your healthy eating goals at risk. Thinking about this treat is one thing but when you get a hint of its sweet, slightly spicy scent, it's usually game over. You can have one of the most rock solid willpowers but you will still find yourself beyond tempted to run over there and pick up one, or two of these luxurious treats that always leave you satisfied. Cut those cravings out of the equation and make the very most out of your mod with this juice selection that will be able to assist in keeping you on the right path and make it easier to turn down the real thing. You might be thinking to yourself 'yeah, right' but once you try this juice for yourself, you are going to see just how close to the real thing that this blend is and just how effective that it can be. Don't make any compromises if you don't have to and thanks to this juice, you're going to be able to have the very best of both worlds. Bombshell E Liquid is a really stunning brand that makes juices inspired by everyone's favorite dessert dishes. They bring so much amazing character into everything that they do and are dedicated to ensuring that all of their products are of the absolute highest quality. Elizabeth starts out with this tender, still slightly warm cinnamon bun base and then slathers it with that thick, rich, almost unbelievably decadent cream cheese frosting that takes this already amazing blend to whole new heights.

Primary Flavors: Cinnamon Roll, Cream Cheese, Frosting