Bombshell E-Liquid - Lucille

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Product Description

Fun and kitschy, this blend is going to have you dreaming of exotic vacations and late night summer parties. What's a better way to help you transition from getting off of work to settling into your evening packed with fun than a blend like this that just screams celebration! You might want to blast some of your favorite tunes and put on your most comfortable clothes before settling in for a vape session with this expressive and light-hearted blend. It is impossible to be able to ignore the bright, lively energy that this blend is able to bring about, it just has this punchy taste that is somehow able to have you feeling packed with energy and ready to have the time of your life whenever you can get ahold of it and have a vape break that you can never, ever get enough of. Keep on top of your game and feeling fresh and free when you wake up, vape this blend and feel like the world is your oyster. Make the most out of your days and enjoy every last moment of your life when you have a blend like this around that gives you those butterflies in your stomach. Bombshell E Liquid is one of those lines that have the ability to erase your cravings with the quickness! When we say that they don't play around, we mean it! They use nothing but the best of the best ingredients in all of their formulas to give you the experience that you deserve. Lucille is a gorgeous combination of bold, tart pineapple and creamy, sweet coconut that will give you that vacation feeling all year round without fail.

Bombshell E-Liquid - Lucille Details: 

  • Bottle Size: 60ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg & 12mg
  • Flavors: Pineapple & Coconut