Citricity E-Liquid - Cherry Limeade - 30ml

Brand: Citricity E Liquid

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Product Description

Combining sweet and sour flavors together, this juice is going to be just what you needed to be able to get that full spectrum of flavor that you crave all at once. We all need some good fruit based juices in our collections and this is one that is made to impress! If you've ever had the drink that this blend is inspired by at a restaurant, you will definitely know all about how delicious and irresistible that it really is. With just the right amount of clean, pure flavor, this is going to be one of those juices that you end up reaching for constantly whenever you need a little bit of extra goodness to help you get through your busy days feeling alert, energized and most of all, satisfied. It can be hard to navigate through all of the different juices that there are out there to find ones that are unique and high quality, you can feel confident that you will be getting that amazing experience that you look for whenever you load this fantastic one into your tank. Citricity E Liquid creates simply amazing vape juice blends that are going to send you into fits of pure passion. They have mastered the fine art of fruit flavored juice production and for that you will really appreciate what they have to offer. You will quickly notice that their selections don't have that artificial taste about them that many other fruit juices do. Cherry Limeade combines a classic, tart, crisp lime flavored juice with some super sweet cherries that add just the right amount of sweetness that will make this blend so easy to vape over and over again. This is just the blend that you need to get through those warm days with ease.

Citricity E-Liquid - Cherry Limeade Details:

  • Bottle Size: 30ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, & 6mg
  • Flavors: Cherry, Lime