Citricity E-Liquid - Crazberry Limeade - 30ml

Brand: Citricity E Liquid

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Product Description

Do you crave a natural tasting refreshment that will take you far? If so, you will find that this blend is able to give you so much wonderful flavor all at once with its interesting arrangement of flavors that will have you feeling just as refreshed and revived as can be. This is the kind of natural tasting fruit flavor that will change up your routine and make you feel pure, revived and able to take on anything the world throws your way. This is a really wonderful juice to choose if you find yourself needing a blend that will give you the energy to spare and make it so that you never have to worry about if you are going to find yourself satisfied or not. Why would you ever want to settle for something that's less than perfection when you can quickly grab this blend and find yourself just as pleased as punch and ability to have the time of your life. Sweet, slightly tart and as natural as can be, you really don't come across a blend that's quite like this every day of the week. Citricity E Liquid is a line of absolutely scrumptious juice blends that are going to give you all of the true to form, realistic flavor that you could ever want without any worries. They put so much time and care into the development of all of their different blends so that they are as enjoyable as can be. Crazberry Limeade combines a tart, freshly squeezed lime juice with bold raspberries and some sour, juicy cranberries for a mixture that will have your mouth puckering with delight! This is every day, all day juice at its finest.

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