Peach Limeade - Citricity E Liquid

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Peach Limeade - Citricity E Liquid

This mixture of sweet and tart flavors is going to tickle your taste buds and have you jumping for joy! Why would you ever want to have to go back to those less than ideal blends that you used to vape in the past when you have pure perfection at your very fingertips. Whenever you pull this scrumptious blend out you will be setting yourself up for some serious satisfaction that will last you all day long. As soon as its flavor touches your taste buds you are going to let out a sigh of pure pleasure and want to come back for inhale after inhale, it's just that irresistible! No one can ever get tired of a juice like this and its way of being able to take flavors that you know and love and represent them in an entirely authentic sort of way. You are going to come to find that you can get a hold of this blend whenever you want and get that revival that you so desperately need without any concerns about having to source all of the ingredients yourself. The convenience that you will be provided with is extraordinary and it will simplify your routine tenfold. Citricity E-Liquid always comes through with their line of incredibly realistic fruit juice based blends that are going to take your senses by storm and make it so that you can get all of those fruit flavors that you have been looking for and so much more any time of the year, not just when they are in season. Peach Limeade takes a tart lime juice base that tastes just like it was freshly squeezed and adds in succulent, sweet peaches.

Primary Flavors: Lime, Peach