Christmas Cookies & Milk - V'Nilla E Liquid

Brand: V'Nilla E Liquid

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Christmas Cookies & Milk - V'Nilla E Liquid

You enjoy when the holidays come around because it is the season of giving. People are jolly and the year is coming to a close. One tradition that you enjoy is when your siblings bake some amazing cookies so that when Santa Clause Stops by, he will have a nice little treat that will convince him to leave a couple more gifts. It is cute that they believe in Santa, but you know that once your little brother or sister goes to bed, you will be munching on those sugary treats as a midnight snack. These cookies are so mouthwatering and you wish they were available for you to indulge in whenever you want. According to the e liquid brand, V’Nilla E Liquid, your wish is their command. Christmas Cookies & Milk is the name of the e liquid that is going to have you perhaps develop a sweet tooth once you see yourself taking more pulls of it than you regularly do with other e liquids. When you begin to take the first draw, you are going to taste the sugary cookies making their way into your mouth. They taste freshly baked and you might even feel them just melting away in your mouth. Your taste buds are going crazy and you feel as if it is suddenly Christmas eve and you are up to your no good deed of eating all those incredible cookies. Who knew your siblings were such bakers. Anyways, as you continue savoring these cookies, you will start to taste a sweet milk starting to make its way in so that it can assist you in washing down those cookies. The e liquid gets so smooth and all you want to do is enjoy it all day long. This is a sensation that is going to be ready for you to indulge in whenever you want and when you want.

Primary Flavors: Cookie, Milk