How To Store E-Liquid For A Long Time

Abigail At Breazy

11th Apr 2023


How To Store E-Liquid For A Long Time

E-liquid is an important and relatively expensive part of vaping, especially if you're a connoisseur of super-premium juices. This has led some vapers to make their own e-liquid or stock up on their favorite types of e-liquid brands. Okay, so now you've got a ton of juice - this can make storage of e-liquids vital to any vaper working with a tight budget. And the more you buy in bulk, the longer you store e-liquid, which means the more money you’re saving.

To begin with, the shelf life of e-liquid can last for up to two years (though most manufacturers recommend a one-year storage term), and even then it’s not certain that there’s any definite expiration date. Despite liquid’s long expiration dates, storing it properly can keep a good batch fresh even past its best-by date.

In this article, I’ll give you a few tips for keeping e-liquid fresh and every bit of nicotine and be used to its full potential every day.

Good Storage Spots for E-Liquids

Finding a good place to store your e-liquid is essential to keeping the liquid fresh. Ideally, a refrigerator would be the best place to store you liquid for a long period of time, like with food products. However, you can also use a box, cupboard, or drawer, where your e-liquid can sit in a dark, cool, and dry place. Preferably, it’s a place that you won’t forget the liquid because you may be storing it for up to two years!

These storage spaces will make it easy to access the liquid when you need it, but also, it won’t be out in the open, where it can be degraded by e-liquids’ three main elemental enemies: heat, light, and air.

As a rule of thumb, keeping your liquid sealed up tight and away from any light sources is a good plan for juice you're planning to use within six months - the back corner of a rarely-opened cabinet, or a shoebox under the bed can work here. If you're going for serious long-term preservation, the back of the fridge or freezer is probably best.

Glass, Not Plastic for Storing E-Liquids 

For storing e-liquid in the long term, glass is better than plastic. Plastic bottles are absolutely fine for shorter-term storage, but they aren’t the ideal solution over the long-term (more than a couple of months). This is because plastic can interact with the e-liquid, especially in heat, and any chemical changes due to bottle leaching (hazy, soft low-density LDPE bottles are better here than hard, clear HDPE) can alter how your juice tastes. Additionally, plastic prevents most things from passing through them, but some air can get through because it is a permeable container.

Seal Your E-Juice Bottle

As stated before, one of the enemies to e-liquid is air. In order for that, it’s best to make sure that your glass bottles are tightly sealed. It’s also important to be careful when transferring the liquid from one bottle to another not to let the air slip in and degrade your e-liquid. If you're buying giant bottles, it's a good idea to have some smaller ones on hand that you can refill once a week or so, thus minimizing the amount of exposure your larger bottle has.

These simple tips will save you money, and extend the shelf life of your favorite e-juices. E-liquid is essential to vaping. Here at Breazy we offer a number of different brands and flavors to satisfy any vaper’s needs. Using these tips to keep the e-liquid fresh, I’m sure that you’ll get the most value out of your favorite flavor.