Grape Reds Apple E Juice - 7 Daze Salt Series

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Grape Reds Apple E Juice - 7 Daze Salt Series

If you're looking for a blast of juiciness to boost the crisp and sweet flavor of apple vapor then you've found it in Grape Reds Apple E Juice. Grape Reds Apple E Juice is a flavor from Daze Salt Series brought to you by Vape 7 Daze E Liquid. This flavor combines the crisp, everyday deliciousness of red apple flavor with the irresistible juiciness from flavor-packed grapes. Why choose one when you can have both of your favorite fruit flavors combined into one succulent e juice? Don't be that person staring at the produce aisle trying to figure out whether you'll purchase apples or grapes, which one you want more and are more likely to eat before they go bad. Let's be honest, either will probably meet their inevitable doom of your trash bin after a few days of neglect when your healthy eating kick has long surpassed your need for convenience. We're not here to get you back on the treadmill and pressure you to fill your mouth with only natural foods. We're just offering the blast of flavor from a grapple flavored e liquid. As you inhale Grape Reds Apple E Juice you'll be instantly refreshed and your palate will be quenched by the inherent juiciness of the grape flavor. It will pour into your mouth like a purple river of natural sweetness. While your taste buds are swimming in this juicy river of flavor, they are also being satisfied by the crisp and airy element of the classic red apple flavor. Hopefully, this isn't all the flavor you can handle because as the combined fruit vapor approaches your throat salt nicotine takes the wheel to easily steer it into your lungs.

**This product contains salt nicotine and is not intended for sub-ohm vaping.**

Primary Flavors: Apple, Grape