Grape Reds Apple Iced E Juice - 7 Daze Salt Series

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Grape Reds Apple Iced E Juice - 7 Daze Salt Series

Get ready to have your favorite apple vapor washed over by juicy grape flavor, smoothened by salt nicotine and iced over by a blanket of cool menthol. Grape Reds Apple Iced E Juice is a wonderful creation from Daze Salt Series, brought to you by Vape 7 Daze E Liquid. Apple will always be a favorite but so are grapes. It's such a hard decision to make when choosing between a bag of bright red delicious apples or a bundle of juicy purple grapes. Why choose one when you can have them both in one tasty vapor? However, for you, it doesn't matter what the fruity flavor base is if the vapor isn't cooled by icy menthol. That's why Grape Reds Apple Iced E Juice is the ideal e liquid for your need of a cool, fruit combo vapor. The juicy grape flavor will splash over your taste buds as the vapor is lifted and carried by the crisp and sweet properties of the red apple flavor. While this happy combination of two tasty fruit flavors is taking place, salt nicotine will be there to gently guide the flavor to your throat and into your lungs, preventing the possibility of coughing up this immaculate creation. All this is happening in accordance with the blanket of icy menthol that swooshed into your mouth the second you took your first pull of Grape Reds Apple Iced E Juice. When the vapor reaches your lungs you'll get the juicy sweetness from the grapes, the crispness of red apple, the sensational buzz from salt nicotine and the icy invigoration from the cool menthol, collaborating to send your endorphins into a dance of pure elation. You've found everything you need in a fruity menthol salt nic e liquid in Grape Reds Apple Iced E Juice.

**This product contains salt nicotine and is not intended for sub-ohm vaping.**

Primary Flavors: Apple, Grape, Menthol