Skyscraper - Main Street E Liquids

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Skyscraper - Main Street E Liquids

If you come from a small town in a rural area, it's nearly impossible to forget the first time that you saw an actual skyscraper. Looking up at an impossibly high structure, marveling at its mammoth size is a true testament to what humans are capable of and when you try this iconic juice blend, you may have the very same feeling of awe and astonishment. It's got a gorgeous flavor that will have you reminiscing about crisp fall mornings, the sound of crunchy leaves under your feet and all of the great festivities that come with this season. If you love a good sweet and comfort foods are your jam, this option will be a great addition into your collection. It's got that fall centric flavor profile that will put you into the spirit of the season and allow you to indulge in a flavor that you would typically save for special occasions. Main Street E Liquid is a line that makes some truly exceptional options that will pop up and offer you something out of the ordinary. Skyscraper is an apple crumble dish with tender apples, seasoned with some spicy cinnamon and covered in a tender pastry crumble.

Primary Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon, Pastry

PG/VG: 30/70