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Brand: Jam Monster E Liquid

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Product Description

Strawberry Jam Monster E-Juice

Strawberry by Jam Monster e-liquid elevates the simple joy of strawberry jam on toast into a blissful vaping experience. Buy Strawberry Jam Monster ejuice for a breakfast hit, a blast of berry in the afternoon, or a sweet evening lift. Jam Monster Strawberry 100ml bottles keep you topped up and ready to enjoy a mouthful of sweet, summery jam anytime!

Developed by one of the top vape juice brands, Strawberry Jam Monster ejuice brings all of the bright sweetness of fresh strawberries to flood your senses. Sweet without being too rich or heavy, this tasty blend elevates breakfast time to anytime vaping joy, combining sticky jam with toast and a hint of butter. It lives up to Jam Monster’s masterful reputation and will remind you why the classics never go out of style.

Jam Monster Strawberry 100ml bottles belong in every e-juice mixer’s stash, too. Although lots of brands offer strawberry flavors, none make your taste buds sing quite like Jam Monster’s blends. Strawberry Jam Monster ejuice makes a fantastic mixer for your original vape juice creations. Add it to doughnut flavors for a pop of sweet berry, make a mixed-berry flavor a little more interesting, or pair it with chocolate for a decadent treat!

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Primary Flavors: Dessert, Strawberry, Toast

PG/VG: 30/70