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OOO E Liquid Bundle (600ml) With Free Hat- OOO E Liquid
$ 59.99
Nightmare On Vape Street Bundle - Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid
$ 24.99
Coastal Clouds E Liquid Bundle - Coastal Clouds E Liquid
$ 49.99
Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid
$ 39.99
All Star Savage E Liquid Bundle - Savage E Liquid
$ 49.99
Mint - MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid
$ 19.99
Mango Magic - Gold By One Up Vapor
$ 19.99
Fresh Pineapple - Salt Bae 50 E Liquid
$ 17.99
Peach - Solace Salts E Liquid
$ 8.99
Blue Raspberry Cheesecake (Salt E Liquid) - Bizarre Blue E Liquid
$ 22.99
Humble Juice Co. E Liquid Bundle (600ml) - Humble Juice Co.
$ 59.99
Big Bottle Co. E Liquid Bundle (360ml) - Big Bottle Co. E Liquid
$ 49.00
Coastal Clouds Salt E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - Coastal Clouds Co. Salt E Liquid
$ 29.99
Black Box E Liquid Bundle (180ml) - Black Box E Liquid
$ 44.99
Cloud Thieves E Liquid Bundle (400ml) - Cloud Thieves E Liquid
$ 59.99
Reds Apple E Juice - Vape 7 Daze
$ 13.99
Glacier Mint Salt E Liquid - Baton Vapor
$ 9.99
Honeydew Apple Berry - Trio E Liquid
$ 19.99
Teacher's Pet - Kind Juice
$ 13.99
Chilled Mango - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection
$ 9.99
Space Pod'cicle - Origin E Liquid
$ 17.00
Strawberry Cinnaroo - Cloud Thieves E Liquid
$ 24.99
Fuggin Vapor Candy Bundle (600ml) - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid
$ 59.99
Bruce Leechee - Mamasan E Liquid
$ 19.99
Sweets by Coastal Clouds E Liquid Bundle
$ 59.99
Grappleberry (Salt E Liquid) - I Love Salts E Liquid
$ 17.99
Just Reds - Alt Zero E Liquid
$ 24.99
Cherry Pie - Chain Vapez E Liquid
$ 24.99
Apple Ice - ORGNX E Liquid
$ 17.99
Almond Cappuccino - Nitro's Cold Brew Salt E Liquid
$ 19.99
SALE $ 14.99
II - Alt Zero Signature Series E Liquid
$ 19.99
Ralfalfa - Bad Modder Fogger E Liquid
$ 18.49
Psycho Unicorn - Psycho E Liquid
$ 27.99
Winter Ice (4 Packs) - Pixotine
$ 19.99
Mango Berry - The Finest Fruit Edition E Liquid
$ 29.99
Almond Cappuccino - Nitro’s Cold Brew E Liquid
$ 19.99
God Nectar - Bad Drip E Liquid
$ 16.99
Chato- BordO2 E Liquid
$ 22.00
Berries Reds Apple E Juice - 7 Daze Salt Series
$ 17.99
Vapor In A Bottle E Liquid Bundle (360ml) - Vapor In A Bottle E Liquid
$ 39.99
Yukon - 8816 Salt E Liquid
$ 14.90
Strawberry Mango Menthol - MNTL E Liquid
$ 16.99
Strawberry Crunch - Tailored House E Liquid
$ 17.99
Vanilla Cupcake - Custard Man E Liquid by Pillar Of Clouds
$ 20.00
Blue Razz - Salty Krew Salt E Liquid
$ 17.99
Tiki - Frutti Twist E Liquid
$ 24.95
Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate - The Ripe Collection E Liquid
$ 16.99
DJ Double Stuff - OOO E Liquid
$ 24.99
Mango Berries - Confections by Coastal Clouds E Liquid
$ 19.99
Vanilla Bean - Nitro's Cold Brew Salt E Liquid
$ 19.99
SALE $ 14.99
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Breazy Magazine
How To Safely Handle E-Liquid Around Children

One aspect of the vapor industry that's coming under increased scrutiny is the harm that underaged children can be face by accidental exposure to e-liquid. The Food and Drug Administration has recently taken multiple actions to address these concerns, including a statement on their website aimed at vapers with children.

Taking Another Look At Battery Safety
Recently, there’s been a string of stories that have made the rounds at local and national news outlets that detail an accidental explosion of a vape mod as the result of its' 18650 batteries getting too hot. This brings us back to a familiar story that we’ve addressed before at Breazy: battery safety.
How Often Do I Need To Change My Refills/Cartridges?
What could be simpler than a clear window to show when a cartridge is empty? If there isn't enough e-liquid to heat, vapor will not be produced and you'll only be burning the wick inside. Even if it seems like there's an inkling of juice left, it's still best to replace your cartridge. The wick needs a certain amount of liquid to stay moist and work properly, and a droplet of juice isn't going to cut it, as you'll find out through the burnt taste that rapidly replaces your favorite vape flavor.
What is the Charging Rate of Markten?
The MarkTen e-cigarette is one of the best devices out there for new vapers. It provides an amazing experience with a variety of flavors that are familiar and satisfying. The method of assembly is simple and only requires you to attach the cartridge to the battery. The ease of use is further complemented by the MarkTen's USB charger.
How to Charge Your Logic Pro
The Logic Pro E-Cigarette is perhaps the ultimate solution for vaping on the go. It's a cigalike kit that's sleek and extremely portable, making it easy to use and carry around. Coming in at $19.99, this closed-system vape device is praised for providing more flavor than the average e-cigarette and, thanks to the pre-filled capsules, you don't have to worry about refilling. Each capsule holds 1.5mL of juice and is self-contained, making switching flavors a no hassle process. Logic has created four flavors for this device, being menthol, berry, cherry, and tobacco. Priced at just $7.99 for each refill pack, you'll get an amazing, dependable vaping experience without hurting your wallet.
Refillable Cigalike or Disposable E-Cig?
In the days of a cigalike-centric vapor industry, the level of choice available to vapers is nearly limitless. Between pod mods, refillables, and disposables, it's hard to decide which device is best for you. For the purpose of this article, we're going to focus on two favorites on the market: the refillable cigalike and the disposable.
How To Charge Your MarkTen Electronic Cigarette
The MarkTen E-cigarette is a compact "cigalike" device that is purpose-built for smokers trying to quit. Its sleek, portable design maintains comfort and resembles an analog quite well. Unlike other e-cigs, however, the battery runs at 90mAh, about 40mAh lower than most kits. Therefore, knowing how to charge is a must for this device. Here's a quick breakdown.
How To Charge Your Vuse Electronic Cigarette
The Vuse Ciro E-Cigarette is one of the top products out there today and for very good reason. Its simplistic design, high quality flavor, and portability make it a must have for all vapers, new and experienced
How To Change Your Logic Pro Refill Capsules
The Logic Pro Vape Pen Kit provides a combination of simplicity and quality that can serve your vaping needs throughout the day. Its sleek, compact design is perfect for new and experienced vapers alike, and pricing comes in at only $19.99. Using a three-part design, you'll be able to achieve a high-quality vape every time.
Salt-Based Nicotine: A Guide
Nicotine is an essential part of vapor products - if you're a former smoker it's the reason you were drawn to vaping in the first place, after all. A sweeping trend that has increasingly taken over as cigalikes march along in their return to industry dominance is the emergence of salt-based nicotine. Salt-based nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco and offers much more stable compounds than the more common form of nicotine extracted for use in vapor products, freebase nicotine.
A Guide To Cigalikes
Though they're one of the most established forms of vapor device, cigalikes have found themselves once again at the forefront of innovation in the vapor industry.
What Is A Disposable E Cigarette?
The modern version of disposable e cigarettes was invented by Hon Lik as an alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. The idea was to create a more discrete way of consuming nicotine without the combustion and without the foreign chemicals often found in traditional cigarette products.
How Frequently Should You Change Your Coil?
Vape maintenance is an important aspect of any vaper's lifestyle. The two main aspects of vape maintenance are making sure that both your batteries and coil are working in the vape system at an optimum level. In this article, we’re going to focus on coils.
Useful Ways To Clean Your Atomizers

One helpful aspect of having an advanced mod setup is that they’re reusable, unlike combustible cigarettes. However, that also means that cleaning the atomizer has to be part of the process when you’re vaping anything non-disposable. Cleaning your atomizer helps prevent stale flavors and extends the life of the chamber and vaporizer. The slow buildup of gunk can block airflow, prevent the coil from doing its thing, and screw with the electric connections between the battery and atomizer.

In this article we will focus on are a few ways that we can recommend to clean your atomizer in order to give you an awesome and fresh vaping experience.

What is Squonk Vaping and What are the Benefits?

Squonking style vapes makes vaping easier than ever. With a setup that provides the most convenience for any vaper on the go, this style of vaping gives you the most time out on the town with a flavorful vape in your hand. The more time you have with your rig, the happier you’ll be!

In the world of vaping, most people are familiar with the Rebuilding Dripping Atomizers (RDA), long known as, bar none, the delivery device of choice for the ultimate in flavor and cloud production. The one inconvenient aspect of those types of vape set ups, though, is the act of dripping itself.

What To Expect When You Quit Smoking And Start Vaping

You’re quitting smoking! Hooray! As you probably know, it’s both a courageous decision and a difficult process. However, there are resources to help you along during the early stages of your cessation period. One important resource is vaping, which can be an easy way for you to wean yourself off of the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.  

It’s important to know what your body should expect once you start the process of moving from cigarettes to vapes. Cessation can be difficult, but don't worry, we're here to help.

What Type of Wicking Material should I use?

There are so many different types of wick to choose from it’s often difficult to know which one is the best for you. Luckily, here at Breazy we have two of the most popular types of wick material, and in this article we’re going to look at each type sold here and another popular type of wick, the silica wick, in order for you to get a feel for what’s important for your personal vaping needs.

The two types of wick material that are sold at Breazy currently are the Cotton Bacon Bits V2 2 Pack by Wick 'N' Vape for $2.99 a pack, and Organic Japanese Cotton which will run you $1.99 for a 5 pack, or $29.99 for a pack of five hundred.

What Are Sage Nicotine Salts?

Salt nicotine is taking off in the industry and new types are getting manufactured every day. The manufactures at Beyond Vaping and have come up with its newest line of salt nicotine, called sage nicotine salt.

This new line of nicotine salts has all the effects that one would expect from other nicotine salts, such as a quicker nicotine uptake and a smoother hit. They come in a variety of different flavors, but the most popular line are the Aria Elixer, who markets one flavor for each season. For this article we will focus on these four different flavors.

How To Store E-Liquid For A Long Time
E-liquid is an important and relatively expensive part of vaping, especially if you're a connoisseur of super-premium juices. This has led some vapers to make their own e-liquid or stock up on their favorite types of e-liquid brands. Okay, so now you've got a ton of juice - this can make storage of e-liquids vital to any vaper working with a tight budget. And the more you buy in bulk, the longer you store e-liquid, which means the more money you’re saving.

To begin with, the shelf life of e-liquid can last for up to two years (though most manufacturers recommend a one-year storage term), and even then it’s not certain that there’s any definite expiration date. Despite liquid’s long expiration dates, storing it properly can keep a good batch fresh even past its best-by date.
How to Select the Right Amount of Nicotine To Vape

Like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the best way to find the perfect amount of nicotine is to experiment with the strength of nicotine in your vaping gear. After you get an initial handle on how vaping works, it’s good to test nicotine strengths against your tolerance.  

This takes a certain level of self awareness of your nicotine intake as a smoker, and how much tolerance for nicotine that translates into as a vaper. The most important thing is to find that sweet spot, that special sensation for an enjoyable vaping experience.

How To Travel With Vaping Equipment

When you’re headed out of town with your vape equipment it’s important to know the rules of traveling. Whether your trips are domestic or international, it’s important to follow all the rules and be mindful of protocol for storing your e-liquid, mods, and of course, having a set of charged batteries for the ideal traveling experience.

This article will focus on different tips if you’re taking a plane and want to bring your vape along to keep you company.   

What Is Salt Based Nicotine E-Liquid?
What Is Salt Based Nicotine E-Liquid?     Nicotine is essential to any vaper’s experience. Most companies have used what’s called “freebase nicotine” in their e-liquid and vaping equipment. Freebase nicotine has been the industry standard for most vaping companies as part of their e-liquid. But as the industry grows...
The Danger Of Chasing The Nicotine Buzz By Vaping

When you’re a heavy smoker, the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning is that first cigarette of the day. That first puff, the calm relaxation as you settle into your day. This is the nicotine buzz and byproduct of nicotine addiction.  

Who feels the nicotine buzz? New smokers feel it the most. Also, people who have quit smoking for a while and then start again feel it hard as well. Anyone who smokes or ingest nicotine through a variety of means feels the nicotine buzz even if they do not notice it.

Does Vaping Dehydrate, and How Does It Affect Taste?

One of the unfortunate consequences when you vape is dehydration. Vaping dehydration usually occurs for beginner who aren’t yet accustomed to tracking intake or the different sensations created by vaping. Luckily for vapers, this is a temporary condition, and with a little knowledge about vape products, and some water on hand, dehydration can be dealt with easily.

While vaping by itself doesn’t affect the vaper’s taste buds, it can be associated with loss of taste because dehydration is also a byproduct of vaping in excess. Keeping a tab on how much you vape and drinking plenty of water can help, whether or not you’re dehydrated or losing the taste of your vape.  

What Is the Shelf Life of E-liquid and How to Store It

E-liquid is an important component of any vaper’s kit. Super-premium juices can also be quite pricey, so knowing how to get the most shelf life out of your e-liquid can come in handy if you’re on a tight budget.

For starters, properly stored e-liquid can last for up to two years, and even then it’s not certain that there’s any definite expiration date. Despite the long expiration dates, sometimes you store stuff and it gets lost for a period of time, until you eventually find it when you’re cleaning that closet that you barely go into. Is it still good? Should you still vape the liquid?

What Type Of Batteries Should I Use In My Box Mod?

All vape mods utilize high-discharge lithium ion batteries, and box mods have specific needs. Knowing which type of battery fits your device’s needs and which brand is the best type of battery is crucial to your vaping experience.

In this article you will find everything you need to select the best battery for your box mods as well as tips for charging, and, most importantly, the batteries that are a scam.

How Does Salt Nicotine Affect You?

There are two primary types of nicotine that’s used in e-liquid, “freebase” nicotine and nicotine salts. While freebase nicotine is the more common, salt nicotine has been making waves in newer e-liquid offerings looking to give vapers a more natural tobacco experience.

Nicotine salt is the purest form of nicotine found in tobacco. The salt compounds are contained in the leaves alongside other compounds found in the plant's organic matter. Pax Labs, creators of the popular JUUL cigalike, researched the effects of using salt as a base for their nicotine, and discovered that specific nicotine salts actually appeared to work better than freebase nicotine e-liquid in delivering a tobacco-like experience for smokers looking to quit.

How Often Do I Need to Change My Refillable Pods?
Knowing when you need to change your pod is dependent on a number of factors related to your vaping habits. Being aware of your vape habits can make you a smarter customer, a better vaper, and help in taking care of your vape equipmen
What is the difference between and RDA and an RDTA?
There are many different types of atomizers that you can get for your vaping rig. "Atomizer" is a catch-all term to describe the heating pieces that vaporize the liquid in the mouthpiece of your vape so that it can be inhaled. Replacing them is one of the main expenses associated with e-cigs that utilize disposable atomizers, commonly referred to as "coils" even though they also contain the wicking material that draws e-liquid to the coil and the positive/negative poles that deliver the electric charge to heat said coils.   
What is the right JUUL Pod for you?
One of the more popular brands here at Breazy are the Juul vaporizers and pods. In this article we’re going to put a spotlight on the Juul brand, and focus on the different types of Juul pods, and which is the best one for yo
What Is Vaper’s Tongue And What Can You Do About It?
Vaper’s tongue, sometimes also known as vaper’s fatigue, is a blanket term for all taste-related vaping ailments. Usually this means that the vaper loses most of his or her ability to taste. The ailment can be the result of something as harmless as having used the same liquid flavor for too long, or as harmful as damaged taste buds on your tongue.
Countries That Embrace Vaping And Have Seen Positive Results
Countries That Embrace Vaping And Have Seen Positive Results     Across the world, there have been success stories about people finally kicking the expensive and unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes and moving over to the much cleaner and more enjoyable world of vaping. The ability to sell and use...
Vaping Abroad: Countries That Ban Use, Sale, and Import of Vape Devices
Vaping Abroad: Countries That Ban Use, Sale, and Import of Vape Devices   As vaping became more mainstream on the world market, some countries have been resistant to vape products for a variety of reasons. Most of those reasons include misinformation about tobacco intake, alleged health risks, and risks associated...
Keep Your New Year's Resolution To Quit Smoking By Starting To Vape
Keep Your New Year's Resolution To Quit Smoking By Starting To Vape   If you’re one of the thousands of people who are considering a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking by taking up vaping, you’ve come to the right place! This is an important decision to make, and we...
Understanding Your Vape Starter Kit

You’ve just purchased a starter kit! Congratulations. But maybe you’re a little confused as to how it all works, and what the different components of your vape kit actually are. Complete knowledge of how your setup works is typically only acquired over time, and the more advanced you are, the more complicated your device set up can get. Let’s look at the basics of entry-level vape kits to give you an idea of how it all works.

Why It's Important to Buy from a Trusted Retailer
Finding a good vape shop is like finding the perfect hairdresser or barber - once you’ve found your perfect match, you’re set for life. With the talk of vape safety being of particular importance, having a vape retailer you know and trust is key. There are horror stories of batteries purchased off untrusted sites, for example, that have been rewrapped with a label that does not match the actual components in the battery, putting users at risk.
Safety 101: How to Vape in a Pet Friendly Home
Safety 101: How to Vape in a Pet Friendly Home   We always stress safety here at Breazy, as we believe the vaping world at large would be wise to do. From proper resistance to wattage and battery precautions, safety is always at the forefront. When it comes to vaping...
Beginner’s Guide to Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) VersusDirect-Lung (DL) Inhales
Beginner’s Guide to Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) VersusDirect-Lung (DL) Inhales     You know how to take a drag off your cigarette, but what about the different types of inhalation technique for your vape? Thankfully, you’ve given up smoking for the healthier alternative, but perhaps you aren’t sure what technique is right...
A Beginner’s Guide: Battery Charging, Replacement, and Storage
A Beginner’s Guide: Battery Charging, Replacement, and Storage   There’s almost nothing worse than setting out for a long day and realizing that you haven’t charged your vape, or that your battery isn’t keeping the charge as well as it used to. Time and again, I’ve experienced battery issues when...
Vaping and Hydration: What You Need to Know
Vaping and Hydration: What You Need to Know   You’re standing outside with your friends, chatting it up and hitting your vapes, until, OH NO! YOU’RE UNBELIEVABLY THIRSTY! If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Vape users may find themselves experiencing dehydration when vaping, which with proper measures...
Getting back on the Cessation Bandwagon after a Cigarette
Getting back on the Cessation Bandwagon after a Cigarette   You're doing well -  you've got this smoking cessation thing down and have said goodbye to smoking cigarettes. Then, something sets you back. It might be the loss of someone close to you, stressful goings-on at home, or an event...
Is Vaping a Trend or a Permanent Alternative?
Is Vaping a Trend or a Permanent Alternative?   Since its entry to US markets in the year 2007, the vaping industry has rapidly grown in value. When it first kicked off, the appeal was that e-cigarettes were a safer alternative to cigarettes, where they remained in scattered shops and...
Australian Scientists Encourage Vaping
Australian Scientists Encourage Vaping   The government in Australia is still holding fast on an odd set of laws that doesn't necessarily outlaw vaping but does place a blanket ban on liquid nicotine. As evidence of vaping's efficacy in reducing the public health hazards of tobacco use, more and more...
Vaping Etiquette In College
Vaping Etiquette In College     Being a college student is a great experience, but it can leave some with questions regarding vaping policies. School rules on this subject aren't always as clear as we would hope, and finding your campus policy can sometimes involve searching for one small mention...
What Vaping More Means for Smoking Cessation
What Vaping More Means for Smoking Cessation   It's no secret that countless research has shown that people have found success in their smoking cessation efforts through vaping. It's a topic we've covered heavily here at Breazy, and it's the reason we try to amplify calls to action issued by...
Traveling Abroad: Vaping in Thailand
Traveling Abroad: Vaping in Thailand   One of my professors is from Thailand, and speaking to her about my journey to smoking cessation through vaping resulted in an interesting conversation. While I thought the state of vaping laws in the United States was a bit confusing, with varying regulations throughout...
Squonk Compatible RDAs
Squonk Compatible RDAs     Finding a good bottom-feeding RDA can be a bit of a challenge, mainly because there aren't nearly as many choices are there are for traditional setups. The main (really, the only) difference between an RDA that's compatible with squonk vaping versus one that isn't is...
Secondhand Vapor - What the Research Says
Secondhand Vapor - What the Research Says     Passive smoking, or "secondhand smoke," occurs when an individual inhales the toxins and chemicals released from burning cigarettes, either exhaled by someone actively smoking or from smoke generated by the smoldering tip of a lit cigarette. Considerable research has been done...
Unboxing Your New Vape - Do's and Don't's
Unboxing Your New Vape - Do's and Don't's   Finally, your new vape has arrived! You've unboxed your vape, maybe with some new e-liquids, and a perhaps free Breazy swag, but now what? You may be tempted to plug everything in and start vaping right away, but first let's talk...
A Guide To NYC's Vaping Lounges
A Guide To NYC's Vaping Lounges   New York City is vast, fast, confusing, loud, and aggravating on a daily basis. Its constant hustle and bustle keeps you on your toes and demands that you have a destination set to reach in the shortest amount of time. Otherwise you’ll get...