Fruit Monster E-Liquid Review

Steven Klett

23rd Apr 2024


One of our favorite high-end liquid suppliers, Jam Monster E-Liquid, is back at it with a line of jamtastic fruity blends, the Fruit Monster. In this unique trio of wild flavors, Jam Monster sets out on an ambitious journey to pack as many different flavors into one bottle of liquid as is humanly possible.

This marks a bit of a departure from the usual for Jam Monster. In their existing flavor profiles, they've tended to stick to either one or two flavors. Some of the company's most popular offerings are single-note mixes: Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Grape, and Apple. There are some exceptions, but Jam Monster is best known for developing sweet jelly flavors that would be right at home spread over a piece of toast for breakfast.

This new batch is something entirely different. In each 100ml bottle, they combine a trio of different ingredients for each blend, mixing together some ambitious combinations of fruit to construct a jam like you’ve never tasted before. There’s Mango Peach Guava, which aims to deliver a smooth tropical blend, you also have Blueberry Raspberry Lemon which is a real zinger.

The best way to describe these flavor profiles is that they all start with a familiar pairing and swoop in with a zinger twist for the third note. If you're finding yourself bored with the classics, these new notes may give you something extra to look forward to. Okay, before we get too worked up, let’s dive in…


Fruit Monster E-Liquid Mango Peach Guava

Splash! Just in time for summer, this is the most tropical blend of the batch. With a smooth and sunny mix of mango and guava, you can almost feel the sand under your toes. Peach is the odd man out here, adding a extra little extra sweetness that allows you to really soak in that summer breeze. Tropical mixes can be a bit touchy, as guava is a sometimes controversial addition. If that's a dealbreaker for you, this blend might be a pass, otherwise it's a new take that's certainly worth a try.


Fruit Monster E-Liquid Blueberry Raspberry Lemon

Another crisp summery mix, this one starts with a bold mix of blueberry and raspberry, then adds a bit of tartness with a dose of citrusy lemon. This is probably the furthest departure from a fruit jam flavor, as this combination might be better suited for a fruity lemonade or smoothie. Sweet blueberry is dominant on the inhale, while the raspberry and lemon come through to add a tangy finish.


Fruit Monster E-Liquid Strawberry Lime

The Fruit Monster E-Liquid - Strawberry Lime vape juice is a tempting mix of sweet, ripe strawberries and tangy lime for a fruit flavor that just won't quit.

All of the Fruit Monster liquids come in a 25/75 PG/VG blend for maximum cloud production and smooth vaping while still being thin enough to be compatible with most devices. Traditionally-extracted nicotine versions are available in 0, 3, and 6 mg/ml, while the Fruit Monster Vape Juice salt-based options are available in 24 and 48 mg strength for pod devices.