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Does Vaping Make Teeth Yellow

Most people are switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping. One of the main reasons for switching is for health benefits. Smoking has content that would cause significant health effects. This has m … read more

Can You Get Vapes Delivered to Your Door?

The convenience and reusability of vape pens is unprecedented. While it can be enjoyable to go to your favorite smoke shop, it’s also possible to shop and explore from the comfort of your own home. E … read more

3 Vaping Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Vaping seemed to come out of nowhere. Now, it’s almost impossible to go somewhere without someone blowing a cloud. The industry has been evolving over the last few years and much has changed.  There … read more

How to Choose the Best E-Liquid in 2021

Vaping took the world by storm. From a small selection of gas-station e-cigarettes to international vaping competitions. Now that there’s such a wide selection of vape mods, vape & dab pen charge … read more

How To Vape In Public

In the modern age it seems there are more vapers than there are smokers. And with good reason. Not only is vaping less hazardous to your health, it’s also cheaper and indoor friendly.  Since the ba … read more

How to Use Dual RDA Box Mods - Our Guide

Using a dual RDA box mod isn't as difficult as you think. Gather all the correct pieces, and it ought to be rather self-explanatory. Most vaporizers are ready to use as soon as you pick them up off-t … read more

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