What Is A Disposable E Cigarette?


11th Apr 2023

The modern version of disposable e cigarettes was invented by Hon Lik as an alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. The idea was to create a more discrete way of consuming nicotine without the combustion and without the foreign chemicals often found in traditional cigarette products. One of the earliest versions of a disposable e cigarette was the Ruyan E Cigar which was released in China in 2004. 

So what exactly is a disposable e cigarette? A disposable e cigarette is shaped to replicate the feel and shape of a traditional cigarette but instead of containing dried tobacco leaves within, a disposable e cigarette contains a cartridge of nicotine-based liquid which is heated by an internal battery that converts its power output into wattage that heats up elements and creates vapor which is then inhaled through the of the disposable cigarette. 

Unlike full vaping set ups that include a box mod and atomizer, a disposable cannot be refilled and has a lifespan of between 300 and 400 puffs of use. Some of the pros for using a disposable e cigarette are:

  • Low cost
  • Ease of use
  • Discrete
  • Easy to purchase

Brands like Njoy, Blu, Vuse, and MarkTen have provided transitioning smokers with very easy to use products that only require purchase and unpacking to begin use. One thing to note is we recommend you keep hydrated regularly throughout your vape journey as vaping can dry the mouth a bit and lead to a bit of flavor distortion.