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Using Vuse vape products keeps vaping neat and easy. These e-cigs and pod systems work with interchangeable cartridges or tanks: Just pop in a Vuse cartridge refill to dispense with the e-liquid refilling process and get right to enjoying your favorite flavor of e-juice. You’ll never need to risk spillage with Vuse cigarette refills, and we have a large stock of Vuse vape pens and refills at great prices to fit your budget.

Vuse designs sleek, compact e-cigs that demand little space and require essentially no maintenance. These devices come in four compact styles: Alto, Ciro, Solo, and Vibe. Which one you choose can depend on their look and feel as well as the flavors available for each type of Vuse cartridge refill. The Alto is a powerful pod mod that keeps it simple, with Vuse pods available in flavors including menthol and berry as well as the popular Vuse Original flavor. The Ciro is a slim vape pen with a good balance of refill flavors available, from mint to tropical. The Solo is the smallest Vuse e-cig, and it’s got plenty of sweet flavors, including Berry, Chai, and Crema. And the most powerful Vuse vape, the Vibe, is also known for its fruity flavors: You can get a Vuse Vibe cartridge in Nectar, Melon, or Fusion.

Whichever style you choose, the clouds will be big and the battery will be powerful. You won’t regret choosing Vuse as either your starting vape brand or your favorite one. And whether you want to try a new vape pen or are searching for the best prices on Vuse cartridges for sale online, you’re in good hands with Breazy. We always stock the newest Vuse flavors and provide the top devices as well as great deals. We even offer free shipping on all orders over $50, so you can save even more when you try a new Vuse system or stock up on your favorite e-juice flavors. Replace, refill, and save with Breazy and you’ll soon see why we’re the smart vaper’s answer to where to buy Vuse products!
Vuse E Cigs FAQ
What Makes Vuse Unique?
VUSE vape products require minimal handling and very little maintenance. Their e-cigs and pod systems utilize individual cartridges and tanks, which connect to their signature vaping batteries. These vape devices provide the power to vaporize the e-liquids contained in the VUSE pre-filled pods/tanks. There's no refilling, and no cleaning involved in using these products. Simply charge up, power on, and begin ripping into delicious clouds day after day. VUSE has created a variety of compact vapes for you to experience, providing a wide selection of unique aesthetics and cloud production capabilities.
Do These Vape Products Contain Nicotine?
These products do contain nicotine. At this time, we do not offer any nicotine-free VUSE products. These e-liquid products deliver nicotine, flavoring compounds, and an impressive cloud volume with each and every hit. VUSE pods/cartridges provide a unique spectrum of nicotine strengths. Before purchasing your product, be sure to select the nicotine concentration of your preference. If you are new to vaping, we recommend purchasing one of the weakest strengths, and a medium strength as well. This allows you to get a feel for the heaviness of the hits that these liquids provide while ensuring that you can satisfy your craving for potency.
What Ingredients are in E-liquids?
VUSE E-liquids leverage a combination of VG/PG (vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol). These oil carriers are perfect for atomization, meaning that they can smoothly transition from a liquid-like state to vapor under the application of heat. The VG/PG combo is the gold standard in e-liquid formulation, and this mix has a long track record of effective, clean use. Apart from these carrier oils, these e-liquids (also known as e-juices and vape juices) contain nicotine and a variety of flavoring ingredients, which are sure to delight the senses. VUSE offers a selection of incredible flavors, but their menthol pods are a crowd-pleaser among Breazy customers.
What are the Advantages of Using E-cigs and Pod Devices?
When using e-cigs, you never have to clean your vape and you don’t have to worry about lots of extra parts. Customizable, or pre-built vaping mods that require you to drip e-liquid onto an atomizer (the heating mechanism) or into a tank, will deliver larger vapor “clouds”. However, it can also be quite a chore to keep them clean and to operate efficiently. With these pre-filled pods and tanks, you simply need to attach the closed-system (non-refillable) tanks to the device, and you can start blowing clouds immediately. When you are finished with the container, dispose of it, and move on. You can also switch between pods/cartridges before they are finished to change up your flavor mid-session.
Do I Need to Buy Tanks Separately from the Vape Device?
With the exclusion of the VUSE SOLO starter kit found on this page, you will need to purchase both the vaping device and the tanks/pods separately. The starter kit delivers both the vaping device and a pod filled with e-liquid. The SOLO kit features a premium tobacco flavor at a mild 2.4% nicotine (24mg) strength. For example, if you want to explore VUSE's other vape devices, such as the ALTO, or explore their premium flavors, you will need to load up your cart with both the vape and the pod. Don't worry about the price, however. These pods and vape devices are incredibly affordable, and Breazy offers free delivery on domestic orders over $50.
What About the Flavored Vape Ban?
The new federal ban on flavored vape products in the US is now in effect, and it has impacted a variety of items on the market. However, the vape devices and pods listed above have not been affected by this legislation, and specifically menthol and tobacco flavors are still allowed. The ban calls for a specific set of flavored closed-system vape device products to be removed from the market while allowing for the sale and purchase of a wide variety of alternatives. However, your local government may decide to implement more significant restrictions for the distribution and use of flavored vaping products.