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“Vape.” You’ve heard that word more and more these days - heck, it was even the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year back in 2014. But what does “vape” meanVape can be a noun - your e-cig, personal vaporizer, mod, or whatever else you call a vapor device can simply be a “vape.” Vape can be a verb - when you take a pull of vapor off your device and exhale it, you vape. Effectively, you can vape your vape, so to speak. There are vape-adjacent words to consider also. Vapor is the aerosol that looks like (but isn’t) smoke generated by a vapor device. A vaper is a person who vapes while vaping is the act of having a vape. Vape juice is the fluid that vapes convert into vapor, people often call it e-liquid. Whatever you’re vaping, whether it’s an advanced powerhouse device from a trusted manufacturer like Smok or a modern, compact pod vape from a next-generation leader like Suorin, Breazy has the vape devices, hardware and supplies you want -- sorted by our best-selling items. 


Vape FAQs
What does "vape" mean?
Vaping is the process of converting a liquid into vapor. When a person vapes, a specially formulated e-liquid is heated using an electrified coil. Once the liquid is vaporized, it can be inhaled and expelled in a manner that mimics the act of smoking a cigarette. Because of this, early vaporizers were called electronic cigarettes, or simply e-cigs. You can learn more here
Why would I want to vape?
Adults who smoke or use other tobacco products may choose to switch to vaping as part of a strategy of harm reduction. Vaping is not for minors, and it is not for non-smokers. It is not an activity that comes without risk. Scientific research into vaping is still ongoing, but at this point it is widely believed that switching to vaping poses less danger than continuing to smoke cigarettes.
Is vaping illegal?
Just about any substance containing moisture can be vaporized in the right type of vaporizer, including substances that may not be legal in all 50 states. For our purposes here, we're talking specifically about personal vaporizers designed for vaping e-liquids, which are legal for purchase and use by adults who are of the legal age to consume nicotine products.
Do vapes come in different flavors?
Yes - there are literally thousands of different flavor options when it comes to vaping. Surprisingly, tobacco and menthol are some of the least popular flavors to vape, as many vapers want to disassociate vaping from their former smoking habits. Vape juice flavors, particularly the popular Juul brand, has recently made headlines.
Are vapes difficult to use?
Vaping can be as simple or complex a process as you want it to be. Basic e-cigarette devices are available that require no setup, charging, or maintenance - just open the package and puff away. Other, more advanced vaporizers allow you to adjust power, temperature, and airflow settings to create a customized experience that's uniquely your own.
Is vaping dangerous?
Vaping has only emerged as a popular activity in the last decade or so, and it will be a long time until comprehensive studies can be performed regarding its long-term health effects. The general scientific consensus at present is that vaping is far less harmful than smoking, though it's not entirely without risk. If you smoke, switching to vaping might be a good decision. That said, if you don't smoke you shouldn't start vaping, either.
Are vapes always made for tobacco?
Some vapes contain nicotine, a chemical found in tobacco and a host of other nightshade plants like broccoli and tomatoes. Some of the vapor products that contain nicotine were partially extracted from tobacco plants, though there isn't any actual tobacco in the liquid you're vaping. Federal law, however, regulates consumer products that might contain or be used in conjunction with nicotine as tobacco products.
Do vapes always contain nicotine?
Not always. E-liquids are available both with and without nicotine, in different strengths and a variety of flavors. Those with nicotine are available in differing strength. Most ex-smokers will vape liquids containing nicotine when they first quit, though many will gradually taper their use by switching to liquids with progressively lower concentrations of nicotine.