#8 Six AM - Dream E Liquid

Brand: DREAM E Liquid

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#8 Six AM - Dream E Liquid

When you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare yourself for a day packed with hard work and lots of laughs, you're going to have to find a little something to help you get on the go a little bit easier. For a large percentage of us, that special morning coffee is an essential part of our routine that gets us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in a hurry. There's nothing quite like fluttering your eyes open to that familiar, bold scent but for anyone who doesn't have a considerate housemate or one of those pricey coffee makers with the automatic timer, we have to brave those seemingly endless lineups. Who wants to start off their day in a stuffy coffee shop where you're packed in there with lots of other people who are all grumpy and tired? This blend offers you a solution to this with its spot-on coffee flavor that gives you all of that depth and earthiness without the hassle. Dream E Liquid makes some of the most fantasy worthy juices around that will have you thinking of them whenever your senses start to call out for a little bit of that craving crushing goodness that only they can provide. Six AM is the blend that any early riser would want to have around with its rich coffee flavor that's accented with just the right amount of sweet, premium quality vanilla that adds a special touch to this blend.

Primary Flavors: Coffee, Vanilla