Aida - Taboo E Liquid

Brand: Taboo E Liquid

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Aida - Taboo E Liquid 


This take on a classic summertime refreshment has been given new life with a unique twist that could only come from Taboo E Liquid. Aida comes in two, 60ml bottles and is offered in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine options. When you're after a blend that's got a complementary flavor profile but is different from what you'd typically see on the market, this selection has just the right balance of notes and boldness that can immediately grab a hold of your senses and bring them along for the ride. There are sweet and tart undertones that can play off of one another to bring a sense of complexity to this refreshing selection that can quite easily add some brightness to your palate. Taboo E Liquid isn't afraid of coming out with one of a kind selections that set themselves apart from everything else that's offered. Their skilled team understands the fine art of flavor reproduction and how to bring balance into a blend without losing the individual components. Aida begins with a tart, mouth-puckering lemonade base and introduces it too sweet, a ripe honeydew melon that gives this blend an extra kick of vibrancy.

**This product comes in 2, 60ml bottles.**

Primary Flavors: Lemonade, Honeydew Melon