All In - Hustle E Liquid

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All In - Hustle E Liquid 

You are going to be throwing yourself all in with this juice that will have you committed to it from that first inhale onwards. When you taste its classic, sophisticated flavor you are going to be smitten from the start and know deep down that you could very well end up purchasing it time and time again. Anyone who enjoys their dessert based blends will appreciate the way that this juice is able to give you just the right amount of sweet, richness with a hint of savory goodness that is going to balance things out and make it so that you can always come back to it for a little bit more yumminess whenever you happen to need it. What more could you ever want when you have something like this around that is going to have you wanting to always come back to it? It's never going to end up growing old on you and will always stay relevant and exciting to be able to vape. This is a great investment that is going to add a lot of interest into any collection that it ends up joining. Hustle E Liquid brings their best with every single product that they make and when you try them yourself, you are going to absolutely love being able to have them around. They are interesting, exciting and most of all, dependable, the quality is exceptional and as soon as you bring it into the mix, you are going to be so happy. All In has a classic, super silky smooth vanilla custard base that has toasted almonds thrown into the mix that are going to bring just the right savory edge that will make it easy to vape over long periods of time. 

Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Custard, Almond