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Wow, this might be one of the only juices out there that can really leave you speechless! It's got a nostalgic kind of taste to it that many of us can remember bringing along to school with us in a plastic bag to enjoy during recess but with an added level of flavor that is going to have you bursting with joy. Sweet with a little savory edge that will make this blend so much more palatable, this is the kind of juice that has enough variance to it that will be able to keep up your interest all day long and keep you involved in your vape sessions, able to leave the rest of the world behind as you just focus on the pleasurable taste and texture that it has to offer. This is just the kind of juice that you will want to have around if you've ever found yourself struggling to get enough sensation and satisfaction out of your blends. There is nothing quite like this one-off blend that is doing something that no one else currently is and if you love to try different things and widen your horizons, this will be great for you. Angry E Liquid is a brand that makes some of the most interesting and fan favorite juices that you will ever come across with a real focus on details. Angry Graham Bears combines graham cookies with some honey and strawberry jelly. 

Primary Flavors: Graham Cracker, Honey, Jelly, Strawberry