Apple Frost - Mr. Freeze Salt E Liquid

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Apple Frost - Mr. Freeze Salt E Liquid 

Are you prepared to try Apple Frost? If you have never heard of this salt e liquid, then you have clearly been missing out. This vape juice is part of the Mr. Freeze Salt E Liquid collection, which does not hold back in providing you with some of the flavorful salt e liquids you may ever come in contact with. Once you take a hit of this particular salt e liquid, you better prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime. Slowly breathe in and appreciate the build up. The juicy apple flavor makes its way into your mouth, but it may be difficult to determine which specific apples were used for this blend. You will receive a combination of sweet and tart notes that make your taste buds go crazy. It is like the apples were picked from an orchard that grows some of the freshest apples known to man. As you continue to breathe in, the creamy menthol flavor starts to become so noticeable. The menthol will be refreshing as it storms into your mouth and makes you feel like you just swallowed several mints. Do not worry, because this taste will still be rich and sweet. It melts in your mouth as you relax and fall in love with the trip you are going on. Due to the salt based nicotine in the ingredients of this vape juice, you have to always be prepared for the impressive throat hit that allows the hints and notes to get even tastier. This fruity combination will be mouthwatering and the whole vape trip will leave you wondering why haven't you run into this blend any sooner. Start trying out vape juices worth indulging in and not just pointless ones that are not as iconic like this one right here.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: AppleMenthol